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a method of physical therapy that involves generating local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents

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If something is diathermic, what property does it have?
In addition, there is a haul-off with tension control and a pressurised water diathermic unit with three circuits.
Kawahara K, Sasada S, Nagano T, Suzuki H, Kobayashi M, Matsui K, Takata K, Yoshino T, Michida T, Iwasaki T: Pleural MALT lymphoma diagnosed on thoracoscopic resection under local anesthesia using an insulation-tipped diathermic knife.
Another important concept is that a system that permits energy to escape through its boundary in the form of heat if there is a difference in temperature between itself and its surroundings is called Diabatic or Diathermic.
The prepared sheet are transported by vacuum head on the table with the transport belt for carrying the sheets from the feeder to the calender machine (chromium roller with thick walls with polished surface with the forced circulation of diathermic oil) which is heated to the temperature of 105-112 [degrees]C.