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Synonyms for murmur

Synonyms for murmur

a low, indistinct, and often continuous sound

a low indistinct utterance of complaint

to make a low, continuous, and indistinct sound

to complain in low indistinct tones

to speak or utter indistinctly, as by lowering the voice or partially closing the mouth

Synonyms for murmur

a low continuous indistinct sound

a schwa that is incidental to the pronunciation of a consonant


Related Words

an abnormal sound of the heart

a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone

speak softly or indistinctly

make complaining remarks or noises under one's breath

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Table I shows a breakdown of the three clinical scenarios focused on normal heart sounds, third and fourth heart sound, systolic murmurs (innocent murmur and mitral valve prolapse), and diastolic murmurs (chronic and acute aortic regurgitation).
A short early diastolic murmur at left 3rd intercostal space with a grade II/VI ejection systolic murmur at left 3rd intercostal space.
On his physical examination blood pressure was 110/70 mmHg, pulse rate was 80/min and the diastolic murmur was heard on the mesocardiac area.