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a gap or vacant space between two teeth

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euryodon, which has four relatively small premolars, separated from each other by diastemata. The mandible is noticeably elongated and it suggests that the rostral part of the skull of H.
I found the workable ten letter ender in 'diastemata' and suggested 'space' as the fifth word.
3 Severe chronic periodontitis: clinical crown lengthening with the opening of dental spaces and many diastemata; 27 furcation exposed; 23 inclined; 26 missed.
In the field study of 471 horses, 49.9% of the horses examined were found to have at least one abnormal gap between their cheek teeth, which enables food to get trapped and can consequently cause painful gum infection, a condition called Diastemata.
With reduced angulation, these teeth would occupy a smaller space in the dental arch, allowing extra space reduction (diastemata) by incisor retraction and a consequently decreased overjet.