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a gap or vacant space between two teeth

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Al considerar sexo (machos) entre razas, se encontro diferencia estadisticamente significativa, pero solo la medida del diastema localizado entre el tercer incisivo y canino izquierdo mandibulares (C-I-ManL) permitio la diferenciacion entre razas.
Picture 1: Smile with diastema, for which 2mm wide space was created between maxillary central incisors.
Anterior spacing in only one segment was found in 21.4% of adolescents, while diastema was present in 23.7% of the sample.
There was an increase in dissatisfaction with oral health with the increase in anterior maxillary overjet (p = 0.0561), midline diastema (p=0.0008), largest anterior irregularity in the maxilla (p < 0.0001), largest anterior irregularity in the mandible (p = 0.0209), anterior open bite (p = 0.0118) and antero-posterior molar relation (p = 0.0327) (Table 3).
Posterior to the diastema, each maxilla expands laterally and ventrally to accommodate a large caniniform tooth (M1) (Figure 3A), differing from most of the basal pliosaurids and from S.
(11) Six separately lettered (A-F) anterior photographs (Figure 2) of 3 malocclusions, including ROJ, dental diastema and anterior OB with their mild and severe degrees, were collected from patient data from the Department of Orthodontics, Stomatology Hospital, China Medical University, Shenyang, China by the principal author.
The canine and incisors are placed in sub-rectilinear pattern with a short diastema. The premolar row is almost equal in length to the molar row (Fig.
This may result in the development of a median diastema or general spacing of the teeth with or without incisal proclination, rotation or tipping of bicuspids and molars with the collapse of the posterior occlusion, and decreasing vertical dimension.
Upon follow up, central diastema (1 mm) was evident indicating a response of the mid-palatal suture.
En el caso particular del area sureste de la Altiplanicie de Chiapas, existen cuatro especies de serpientes venenosas con mayor riesgo de extincion, dos elapidos Micrurus diastema (Dumeril, Bibron & Dumeril, 1854) y M.
Se consideraron las siguientes medidas: longitud total del craneo (LTC), longitud condilo-incisiva (LCI), longitud condilomolar (LCM), longitud del diastema (LD), longitud de la hilera dentaria maxilar (LHDM), longitud de la fosa orbital (LFO), ancho del M1 (AM1), longitud del foramen incisivo (LFI), ancho de los foramenes incisivos (AFI), largo del hueso palatino (LHP), ancho del hueso palatino (AHP), largo postpalatino (LPP), ancho rostral (AR), ancho del nasal (AN), ancho minimo interorbitario (AMI), ancho cigomatico (ACi), ancho de la placa cigomatica (APC), ancho de la bulla timpanica (AB), ancho de la caja craneana (ACC) y alto de la caja craneana (AC).