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separation of an epiphysis from the long bone to which it is normally attached without fracture of the bone

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(5) Features of the occult cleft palate include a flat nasal velum (reflecting a hypoplastic musculus uvulae), with or without visible diastasis of the velar musculature.
Abdominals 1) Recti (with diastasis)--Only head lifts while splinted.
The Diastasis vocal group is part of the Diastasis Cultural Association that has been putting on musical shows for over 30 years.
CT of pelvis (b) confirming pubic diastasis, bilateral shallow acetabulum, bilateral coxa valga deformity, bilateral hip dislocation, and pseudoarticulation of the left femoral head with iliac bone.
I know I have some diastasis recti but maybe it's normal?
CASE 3: X-ray frontal view shows posterior dislocation of right femoral head and pubic diastasis and displacement noted at right sacroiliac joint CT axial views and 3d reconstruction show fractures involving right ischiopubic ramus, right actabulum and left ischiopubic ramus with displacement of right sacroiliac joint and posterior dislocation of right femoral head.
After this initial survey, a pelvic radiograph was obtained, which identified a 3.9 cm diastasis of his pubic symphysis (Fig.
We present our preliminary results of this prospective trial with the aim to assess the effect of hip diastasis in a selected group of patients of late onset Perthes' disease.
Tandon y cols (21) observaron mediante cisternografia isotopica alteraciones de la circulacion del liquido cefalorraquideo en la zona del quiste, apreciando acumulo del trazador alrededor de la fractura y una reabsorcion enlentecida, es decir que la resolucion de esta situacion conlleva la produccion de un tejido cicatricial entre los bordes del defecto oseo favoreciendo a su diastasis e impidiendo la consolidacion formandose el quiste leptomeningeo.
described the etiology of the pain syndrome consisting of one or more of the following: creation of a discontinuity of the peroneus longus tendon either by acute fracture of the os peroneum or a diastasis through a multipartite os peroneum; chronic diastasis and/or a healing fracture of the os peroneum, eventually leading to callus formation and peroneus longus tenosynovitis; attrition of the peroneus longus tendon; rupture of the peroneus longus tendon; or an associated enlarged peroneal tubercle on the lateral aspect of the calcaneus that entraps the peroneus longus tendon and the os peroneum during excursion of the peroneus longus tendon.
(2) It is often confused with diastasis pubis (a separated symphysis pubis of more than 10 mm, or symphysiolysis), pelvic rupture (rupture of the symphysis pubis and sacroiliac joints simultaneously, which is extremely rare), and even osteitis pubis (partial or complete rupture of the symphysis pubis and requires aggressive treatment).
The case of a 39 year old woman who had diastasis of pubic symphysis following childbirth and later developed severe chronic neuropathic pain and disability is presented.
Diastasis of the scapholunate joint (>3 mm) is a common associated finding.