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someone who keeps a diary or journal

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For the last three years Eddie has been without his sister Sonia at his side who use to be his personal assistant, diary keeper, organiser of his hectic social life, trainer and physiotherapist.
As well as being his diary keeper, running his hectic social life off the track, Sonia also worked as the playboy's personal physiotherapist and his fitness trainer.
The example form was filled out in considerable detail, with several hand-written comments by the presumed "diary keeper" to help the interpretation of unusual diary entries (for example, going home during work; caring for children while playing sports).
Another feature of the e-diary is a built-in code-search engine to assist diary keepers with item classification, which helps reduce coding error.
In terms of the diary keepers' success he explained, "It's not much different than taking notes in class.
"'It is the way they are: born readers and reciters, great document holders, diary keepers, letter exchangers and savers, history tracers--and, outstaying the rest, great talkers.'"
While there were other diary keepers among Lincoln's cabinet and political associates, none provide the intimacy Hay's account does.
By studiously recording his misdeeds (unlike many contemporary diary keepers who hide more than they reveal, especially about their unsavoury pursuits), Yaji exhibited a crude bravado or innocent naively.
"We expected diary keepers to have some benefit, but they were the worst off," says Elaine Duncan of the Glasgow Caledonian University.