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the main (mid) section of a long bone


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[13], who demonstrated similar measures for the PCO and the femoral diaphysis. They calculated their ratio differently from that described in the current study, but their PCO ratio was found to be 0.44 and when calculated using their methodology, our overall ratio is 0.43, demonstrating the reliability of the measurements in a Western population.
The tibia was cut into two parts (proximal metaphysis and diaphysis plus distal metaphysis) with a diamond band saw (EXAKT BS 3000; Norderstedt, Germany), and each part was stained according to the method of Villanueva [20].
The standard technique of reconstruction with the composite prosthesis involves the use of a rotating hinge revision modular prosthesis cemented in the allograft and implanted in the residual tibial or femoral diaphysis with cement in 22 cases or without cement in 14 cases.
(8) It occurs in the metaphysic or diaphysis and can be associated with a bowing deformity (shepherd's crook deformity, Fig.
CSA at the tibia diaphysis was 430.8 [+ or -] 53.5 [mm.sup.2].
The compact bone around it and in the diaphysis is formed by a series of Haversian systems (osteons).
In this study, the case of a patient, who has been receiving bisphosphonate treatment for 10 years and developed multiple fractures (left femoral diaphysis, bilateral pubic ramus and sacrum), was presented and the literature was reviewed.
Diaphyseal aclasis is a rare genetic skeletal condition due to developmental abnormalities of the growth plate causing multiple cartilage covered exostoses to form on the surface of the metaphysis or the adjacent diaphysis region of long bones.
Fifty six patients reported with non-united fractures of diaphysis of long bones that fulfilled the selection criteria.
In the diaphysis (y = 2.1621 0.00195x+0.000002[x.sup.2]; [R.sup.2] = 87.25), the minimum value of 1.687 mm Al was obtained with the addition of 488 FTU phytase, above which this value increased.
Bilateral fractures of the femur diaphysis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis on long-term alendronate: clues to the mechanism of increased bone fragility.
Stage 1 (PP2): Epiphysis of proximal phalanx of index finger (PP2) is same width as diaphysis.