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I am so proud that my diamond dust collection is to be part of Playboy's lineage in 20th century culture.
In an analysis published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the Harvard group explained that both diamond dust and alumina could achieve a cooling effect similar to, or greater than, that of sulfate sprays, and have less of an impact on the ozone layer.
Diamond dust, or alumina (aluminum oxide), would not create sulfuric acid.
The procedure involves delivering a tiny spinning burr coated with diamond dust - into the blood vessel to 'core' out the centre of the narrowing.
Now an image from the movie is among six rare archive shots to inspire an exhibition in Newcastle which captures that famous movie star magic - thanks to an extra touch of diamond dust.
Their new Diamond Luxe range contains ultra-fine diamond dust for a sparkly finish.
Among the products making a splash at this year's show was 'Truffle', a revolutionary new shampoo made from as many as 60 different ingredients, including meteorite powder, diamond dust and white truffles
New York, May 24 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian has decided to get a diamond dust spray tan for her wedding to Kanye West.
As part of the launch, Hollander presented its new memory-foam bed pilbws and mattress toppers which use Micro Diamond technology, an exclusive to Beautyrest Black, which is a highly conductive diamond dust that moves heat away from the body for a more comfortable sleep environment.
new anti-ageing cream made using rare diamond dust particles has been developed by Nasa scientists.
This vacuum cleaner is made in Germany by the SEBO vacuum company, sports Swarovski Elements, and sprinkled in diamond dust.
It contains diamond dust to add sparkle and acrylic to strengthen nails.
I met her in a town called Cumberland in Maryland on a beautiful clear morning with a deceptively blue sky and bright sunshine which turned the thick powdery snow into diamond dust.
Kennett said the diamond dust is found in six locations spanning North America from Arizona to South Carolina and into Canada.