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Synonyms for diametric

Synonyms for diametric

related to or along a diameter

characterized by opposite extremes

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Finally, through logistic regression it was determined that the proportion of incidence of damage as a product of the exploitation with harvester-forwarder was significantly explained by the diametric class.
Similar findings have been reported in women harboring gliomas, including one study, gathered from a multi-institutional database, of eleven women with Grade II diffuse gliomas who experienced significant increase in the velocity of diametric tumor expansion during pregnancy [2].
The relative change in the diametric thickness of the enamel insulation [delta][LAMBDA] in the continuous process of manufacturing the enamel wire [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with diameter of 0.56 mm
The diametric size of each nodule is calculated according to the criteria reported in [3].
We are less accustomed to politics in which the personalities are sold as the diametric opposite to what they are.
The popular North Country lawmaker --he won his district by nine percentage points while Hillary Clinton lost by double digits - believes the controversy revealed something more troubling: The diametric reactions about the Russian election interference exemplifies the extreme partisanship in Concord and Washington, D.C., that is
We analysed: (1) the total numbers of the Purkinje cells, (2) the distance between 2 Purkinje cell's nuclei, (3) the density of the Purkinje cells, which is measured from the total distance of all Purkinje cells divided by the number of the Purkinje cells of each field number, (4) the thickness of molecular layer, which is measured from the average distance of 3 random Purkinje cell's nuclei to the diametric of its most superficial molecular layer (Fig.
To do this, it displaces into a predeterm ined diametric cavity so as not to impair the functionality and optical performance of the mating optical inserts, whilst also maintaining the sealing of the host connector.
After this procedure, Dummy variables were added to the chosen model, which assumed values of 0 and 1, according to the diameter class analyzed, as follows: Di = 1, if the tree was present in diametric class i; and Di = 0, if the tree was absent in that diametric i class.
His planning application says micropubs such as the one he is proposing are the "diametric opposite of the commercialised, 'plastic' chain pub that profits from encouraging maximum consumption as cheaply as possible".
Both spheres are compelling, as is the diametric opposition of Shao and Mylene, both jealous of Zeke's attention to the other.
Even he never headed a major-party ticket because Republicans and Democrats tend to pick good party people as their nominees, and being a party man was the diametric opposite of La Follette's inclination.
The problem, according to the author, is that exile and return are placed in diametric opposition.
warning that spooked me, or was it the diametric opposite of abrupt, the
Erdoy-an's advisers have long been voicing concerns over their unorthodox views of economic governance and diametric opposition to Babacan, BaE-cy and E[currency]imE-ek.