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Synonyms for diameter

Synonyms for diameter

the length of a straight line passing through the center of a circle and connecting two points on the circumference

a straight line connecting the center of a circle with two points on its perimeter (or the center of a sphere with two points on its surface)

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It is conjectured in [1] that these three diameter 2 properties are different.
(2) Intermediary transverse diameter: line/diameter between the psoadic tubercles (the lesser psoas muscle tubercles).
Concrete will post the most rapid growth through 2016, as the material continues to benefit from its established position in most water markets and its unmatched performance advantages in the largest diameter uses.
Building on previous deployments at BICS, Acme Packet delivers a comprehensive LTE roaming solution to BICS, addressing all security and control functions for SIP and Diameter.
The Tekelec LTE Diameter Signaling Index is an important tool for service providers to measure network intelligence and manage and monetize mobile data.
The new version introduces the ability to cut linear parts from stocks with appropriate diameters and /or material types.
Translated to inches, the 7.62x51 (also known as the .308 Winchester): 7.62=.300", which is the barrel's minor diameter, while the actual bullet diameter is .308" (7.82mm), the diameter of the grooves in the barrel.
Sylvie Nguyen The Tich of University Hospital, Angers, France, and her colleagues, also found that this biparietal diameter is significantly larger in term newborns than in preterm newborns when measured at term equivalent age.
To ensure that a given tool can successfully inspect all sections of a pipeline with changing diameter sizes, the correct tool type and size must be used.
Despite the fact that anatomical variations of the celiac trunk are well explored in the literature, this is not true for the diameters of theses vessels.
For spherical particles of unit density, settling times (for a 3-m fall) for specific diameters are 10 s for 100 [micro]m, 4 min for 20 [micro]m, 17 min for 10 [micro]m, and 62 min for 5 [micro]m; particles with a diameter <3 [micro]m essentially do not settle.
For 34 cysts with <5 cm diameter, the tumors were ablated completely, with no recurrence after 3 months.
This means that the nominal diameter is 1/4" and that there are 20 threads per inch.
Rolyn now offers precision molded polymer aspheric lenses for infinity conjugates in both 12.7 and 25.4 mm diameters. All 12.7 mm diameter lenses have an 11.4 mm clear aperture.