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the branch of philology that is devoted to the study of dialects

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His seminal Comparative Afro-American: An Historical-Comparative Study of English-Based Afro-American Dialects of the New World (1980) uses principles of general linguistics and comparative dialectology to analyze the structures and histories of the Caribbean languages that emerged in the region as the result of European colonialism and the Atlantic Slave Trade.
Zu den Wurzeln der Perceptual Dialectology in der traditionellen Dialektologie.
One current research proposal is the Dialect Atlas, an innovative study of Arabic dialectology.
For him, dialectology was a significant aspect of language standardization and needed to be explored further.
I graduated from the University of Cluj in 1965, received my PhD from the Centre for Research in Ethnology and Dialectology, Bucharest, in 1980, worked for three years at the University of Iasi (1965-1968), and then, ever since 1968, at the University of Timisoara.
This situation cannot be adequately described by the notions of linguistic core and periphery as they are used in traditional dialectology.
Es autora del libro Five Studies inspired by Nahuatl verbs in--oa (1980) y numerosos articulos, entre ellos "Los dialectos del nahuatl de Guerrero" (1986); "Nahuatl dialectology, a Survey and some Suggestions" (1988); "The Origin of Orthographic hu for /w/ in Nahuatl" (2011); "El nauatl urbano de Tlatelolco/ Tenochtitlan, resultado de convergencia entre dialectos" (2011).
Mapping the Words" emphasizes the origin of current historical dialectology (the Linguistic Atlases of Late Mediaeval English and Early Middle English) in dialect geography and provides a historiography of the subject, investigating again (with the benefit of his current research project with Linne Mooney) some of the earlier claims of its scholars (Doyle, Parkes, Samuels, etc.
It was conceptualized on the basis of a century's work in Yiddish dialectology that had started with the non-Lithuanian ("southern") Yiddish dialects of Eastern Europe, in the works of Landau (1896) and Prilutski (1920 etc.
The reader may note that, although the characteristics used are not the same, this phonetic division of geographic areas strongly resembles the one used in the modern literature about North American dialectology (8).
The output of some of these projects, particularly those in progress, will help to throw light on the dialectology of early periods of the English language, in addition to offering new data for different kinds of diachronic and synchronic research (morphosyntactic, lexical, sociolinguistic, etc.
39) have discussed structural dialectology for which, "the systematic approach to dialect differences is fundamental".
Because at IU I had taught summer courses funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity, a curriculum designed for mostly African-American Hoosiers plus a few Hispanics, I had also taken a graduate course in African-American English taught by Geneva Smitherman and had focused one of my preliminary examinations on dialectology.
Indeed, the variety labeled as Central in Catalan dialectology corresponds to Barcelona, historically the most prestigious modality and the one taken as the baseline by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans for purposes of normalization.
Although central to traditional dialectology, the sociolinguistic study of lexical use and knowledge has rarely been given the attention which other variation, in particular in phonology, has received.