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the final stage of the prophase of meiosis

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Examination of 1810 diakinetic nuclei from the 18 heterozygotes revealed uniformly low levels of abnormalities (mean = 0.4%, range = 0.0% - 4.0%, table 1).
A total of 300 diakinetic nuclei was scored from the two fission/inv(4) heterozygotes.
Results of the analysis of diakinetic nuclei from the fission/inv(4) heterozygotes were consistent with the observed suppression of chiasmata reported for the inv(4) rearrangement in S.
Diakinetic nuclei from some individuals were scored for the number of elements and frequency of chiasmata.
Diakinetic cells contained either the quadrivalent or trivalent/univalent configuration ([ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 6A, B], respectively).