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Synonyms for diagram

Synonyms for diagram

a drawing intended to explain how something works

make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed


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As will be shown in this paper, by the end of the course, an activity diagram becomes a natural method of illustrating processes and is something that students feel very comfortable using as a means of analyzing various process scenarios.
The lack of some cartographic diagram map methods was the reason for the creation of a new program extension (Valent 2010).
I use Reed-Kellog (traditional) diagrams with minor modifications.
In Central Europe, the diagram or chart is called "the humid air Mollier diagram," and in Russia, "Ramzin's diagram.
Consider the Feynman diagram that looks a bit like a person in a spread-eagle stance.
npW] (k) shaded circle with heavy core in the diagram 3), and by the irreducible four-fermion amplitude [M.
All diagram editors now support a configurable title block for creating an engineering legend that can appear on the screen, in diagram printouts and in generated reports.
While it is useful for visualizing the problem, by itself the tree diagram does not provide a solution to the problem.
EventStudio has been designed to handle diagram generation for systems with a large number of interacting objects.
Planetary Diagrams For Roman Astronomy In Medieval Europe, ca.
The diagram was a bit like art, a bit like mathematics.
In particular, he was not aware of the helpful elementary school diagram that partitions a square both vertically and horizontally, and so reveals the rule for multiplication of fractions.
Ultimately, whatever diagram is erected for a client's building, it must come with a written loss-control report before going to an underwriter for risk assessment and estimated insurance coverage.
Essentially, this is a graphical organizer, enabling users to create concept webs and maps in the Diagram View mode, with the aid of over 1300 symbols, if they like; at the click of a button, this information is reorganized into outline form, in the Outline View mode.
The present experiment examined the effectiveness of a simple word diagram in teaching classical conditioning.