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Synonyms for diagnostic

Synonyms for diagnostic

characteristic or indicative of a disease


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Scorpions[TM] technology is also licensed to oligonucleotide suppliers and diagnostic companies, including Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics.
Mohammed has been at the forefront of translating genomics-based research and development and microarray technologies into clinically viable diagnostic tests.
It also supports our strategy to bring to market molecular diagnostic tests that assist the physician in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease and treatment regimens.
Fujirebio Diagnostics specializes in the clinical development, manufacturing and commercialization of in-vitro diagnostic products for the management of human disease states, with an emphasis in oncology.
Roche Diagnostics and IGEN are currently in litigation over claims surrounding the License and Technology Development Agreement between Roche Diagnostics and IGEN entered in 1992 relating to that same ECL technology.
Fujirebio Diagnostics and the MESOMARK test are now making it possible - with a simple blood test -to monitor response to treatment and to detect recurrence following treatment.
Prenatal Diagnostic Tests Commonly Used in the United States, by Gestational Age, 2006
Thus, the longer the patients stay, higher the number of diagnostic tests done.
Increasing incidences of diabetes in China leading to higher volumes of diagnostic tests is the primary driver for the growth of the Chinese diabetes diagnostics markets.
diagnostic use (Affymetrix's GeneChip System 3000Dx), and the first highly multiplexed diagnostic microarrays: Roche's AmpliChip CYP450 test and two cystic fibrosis testsCoTm Bioscience's Tag-It and Osmetech's eSensor.
IVAX Diagnostics intends to utilize the five day extension provided by filing a Notification of Late Filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission and expects to file its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q on or prior to November 20, 2006.
As bacteria develop resistance to more agents and classes of antibiotics, the need for rapid diagnostics that can provide diagnostic accuracy and help in patient management (i.
Pharmaceutical companies developing targeted therapies for cancer must consider the potential benefits of developing a companion diagnostic.
firm Diagnostic Products Corporation (DPC), which was completed at the end of July.
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