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identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon

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One idea in the works is a cassette for simultaneously diagnosing several childhood respiratory infections.
To develop these rules, a team of analysts headed by Leanne Bischof, who leads the CSIRO Image Analysis Group, extracted from clinicians exactly what they look for in diagnosing melanoma.
et al, Diagnosing Syncope Part 1: Value of History, Physical Examination, and Electrocardiography, Annals of Internal Medicine, 1997; 126: 989-996.
Linn Murphree, Childrens Hospital surgeon who specializes in diagnosing and treating children with eye cancer.
A diagnostic test that detects both the glycoprotein and the HCA modification will be highly specific for diagnosing prostate cancer using semen samples.
Diagnosing an HIV infection requires at least two steps.
The ParaSight dipstick test proved almost 90 percent accurate in diagnosing malaria among 151 foreign travelers who developed fever after returning home.
The updated Intended Use language is "The NeuroMetrix NC-stat is intended to stimulate and measure neuromuscular signals that are useful in diagnosing and evaluating systemic and entrapment neuropathies.
There are no clear guidelines for diagnosing this condition, although veterans need an illness diagnosis to qualify for government medical benefits (SN: 10/15/94, p.
Delays in diagnosing a dissection can be catastrophic for patients; the mortality rate for people with torn aortas is one to two percent for each hour they go without surgery.
Polymerase chain reaction] is a very powerful tool" for diagnosing ehrlichiosis, but it's too complicated and sensitive for use in a doctor's office, Dawson says.
Developers of the "psychiatric bible" setting forth the guidelines for diagnosing mental disorders -- known secularly as the Diagnositc and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM -- have taken His counsel to heart.
Matritech (Amex: MZT) reported today that independent clinical investigators recommended the NMP22(R) BladderChek(R) Test be included in standard practice for diagnosing and monitoring bladder cancer.