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(used of fish) migratory between fresh and salt waters

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Keywords: survey, New South Wales South Coast, Sydney Basin bioregion, freshwater fish, diadromous, potamodromous, weir barrier
The online query tool for global capture production provided yearly totals for fishing capture of marine and diadromous fishes in marine areas for the Western Central Atlantic Ocean (bounded by 35[degrees]N, 40[degrees]W, and the eastern coasts of North, Central, and South America).
The most common freshwater species farmed are carp, tilapia, catfish and trout Others: 1% Marine fishes: 3% Diadromous fishes: 6% Crustaceans: 10% Molluscs: 24% Freshwater fishes: 56% Source: UNFAO (2012) Note: Table made from pie chart.
Common snook, Centropomus undecimalis, is a protandric hermaphrodite species with a diadromous life history (Taylor et al.
Severin 2009 Otolith chemistry analyses indicate that water Sr:Ca is the primary factor influencing otolith Sr:Ca for freshwater and diadromous fish but not for marine fish.
While occurrence of diadromous fish in freshwater is mentioned in the accounts, there is little detail on life history of these fish in freshwater.
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Hierarchical contribution of river-ocean connectivity, water chemistry, hydraulics, and substrate to the distribution of diadromous snails in Puerto Rican streams.
Challeges for diadromous fishes in a dynamic global environment; proceedings.
Longitudinal movements along rivers are crucial for the life cycles of many diadromous fish species (Lucas, Baras 2001), e.
4 feet) in length, (2,3,4) and exhibit diadromous patterns (meaning that they migrate between fresh water and salt water).
Marine, Estaarine, and Diadromous Fish Stocks at Risk of Extinction in North America (Exclusive of Pacific Salmonids), 25 FISHERIES 6 (2000); Graeme C.
Major challenges to feed development for marine and diadromous finfish and crustacean species.
River and sea-run fish restoration advocates wanted the dam removed to restore free passage and habitat for fish, including the endangered Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and other diadromous (migrating between fresh and salt water) species.