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a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

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By measuring geometry of the diacritical mark of the dcroat letter from different fonts and font faces, most common practices in designing were established.
The present paper aims to give a view on suffix nomenclature versus prefix nomenclature, to list mineral names with correct diacritical marks, and to correct mineral names consisting of two words or having superfluous hyphens and diacritical marks.
Diacritical marks used with standard alphabetical characters are becoming increasingly common in everyday printed materials as American business and social dealings increasingly involve nations whose languages use alphabets in which the diacritical marks have significant import.
In prosody, sabab (plural asbab) is a phonetic construction of two letters in which both letters have short vowels, or in which one has a short vowel and the other does not (or has instead the silenting diacritical mark -- sukoon).
By measuring geometry of diacritical mark of the dcroat letter from different fonts and font faces most common practices in designing were established.
Oropilla's latest transcription (Figure 5, bottom left) (23) replaced a symbol [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with a symbol which is clearly [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Figure 8, line V), while a symbol [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with clearly no diacritical mark below it was read by him as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Figure 8, line IV).
Part of studying the different modes of recitation requires the student to write not only in an unusual spelling but also to exclude the diacritical marks from the words.
d) Use of desktop software such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect to type words with diacritical marks and then copy and paste them into Internet search lines.
Since diacritical marks are important in the pronunciation of the language, the text contains a discussion of all, even those used before the Accord of 2009.
Misspellings, omissions and commissions in punctuation and capitalization, missing diacritical marks and nobiliary particles, redundant vocabulary, and less-than-clear sentences mar this book.
9) In her chapter on the Syriac massora, or system of accents, Ulrike-Rebekka Nieten posits that diacritical marks, likely written in texts for musical intonations for Syriac Psalmody or to guide readers in a particular melody, preserved the orality and poetic nature of Syriac biblical texts, making them essential in the study of Syriac biblical interpretation.
Descriptive Catalogue on the Copper Plate Inscription Preserved in Odisha State Museum, in English language with diacritical marks, 100 pages
Michael Raiger's "Coleridge and Hopkins" (Coleridge Bulletin 44: 1-13) picks up on the poet's friendship with Ernest Hartley Coleridge, through whom he probably had some familiarity with STC's notebooks, since Hopkins's own notebooks came to be very similar in contents, punctuation, and diacritical marks.
The salary of editors, copyeditors, nakdanim [punctuators--Hebrew poetry is published with diacritical marks that need to be applied and proofread--AXJ], and the like has decreased dramatically in recent years, and the impact this situation has had on the quality of published books in Israel is very clear.