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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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The diacritics help the speech recognition software because it helps give the exact meaning, thus giving it a high level of accuracy.
The other text which can be helpful in providing evidence for diacritic reduplication of consonant graphemes in Late Old English is that preserved in MS William H.
Since the diacritic caron is actually the inverted version of circumflex and both acute and circumflex can be found in most Western European fonts the basic knowledge in type production should be sufficient for creating all Croatian letters with diacritics, except the dcroat letter.
The key differences in the alphabet is the Nuer's use of an additional diacritic below certain vowels.
A special requirements was the need for the network and its terminal equipment to support the American Library Association (ALA) ASCII character set which incorporates diacritic marks and other special symbols used when cataloging library materials.
Those who know me will agree that I am impartial referring to OTV talk show "Min 7a2ik"; which literally means "It is your Right", with a diacritic on the Arabic term to specifically address the woman.
ANSWERS: 1 The Indian Ocean; 2 Tuna; 3 Diacritic marks; 4 Martin Pipe; 5 St Pancras; 6 The femur; 7 Advocate; 8 Coronation Street; 9 Young Player of the Year; 10 The Serjeant At Arms.
If the name Napravnik is spelled the Czech way, not only the first "a" (as in the book), but also the "i" takes a diacritic.
ANSWERS: 1 Derby; 2 Tuna; 3 Waterloo; 4 An advocate; 5 Australian shepherd; 6 Player of the Year; 7 Diacritic marks; 8 Martin Pipe; 9 The femur; 10 The Serjeant At Arms.
It was a belief that a discipline now partially lost to itself might nevertheless command a genuine capacity for self-rescue and that the diacritic of that capacity might be another way of writing.
8 or the velar allophone of /x/ for [c] in the transcription of Middle English knyght, the wrong year in the reference to Fisiak's A short grammar of Middle English (1964 instead of 1968), or the lack of diacritic indicating vowel length in the transcription of PDE sweet on p.
Diacritic design problems in the letter dcroat are: asymmetry, width harmony, and cultural preferences.
These tones are indicated by diacritic marks (accents) which, if altered, change the meaning of the word, sometimes dramatically: a mother (ma) can easily become a horse (ma) or an evil spirit (ma).
ii) i-umlaut of */aea, aea, io, io/ (On Hogg's diacritic for short diphthongs see [section]2.
Grubmuller makes no attempt to normalize spellings or diacritic signs, and in general intervenes only sparingly.