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Synonyms for diacritic

a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation

capable of distinguishing


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The features which play a role in this convention can be assigned to two classes: the syntactic features and diacritic features.
(42) The difference in quality between these two sounds is not readily apparent, and perhaps the main reason to use different symbols for the Danish vocalized /r/ is a functional one: [LAMBDA] is used syllabically and [??] nonsyllabically (the diacritic under the second symbol indicates nonsyllabic function).
"The diacritics help the speech recognition software because it helps give the exact meaning, thus giving it a high level of accuracy." The diacritics in Arabic play the same role as the short vowels do in the English language, he explained.
There is also considerable evidence for diacritic reduplication of consonants in Old English in MSS of Northumbrian provenance.
Diacritic design problems in the dcroat letter are: asymmetry, width harmony and cultural preferences.
Finally, if there are additional diacritic marks that are used as diacritics, similarly to the Arabic vowel marks, Qur'anic annotation marks, etc., these can of course be considered for addition to Unicode.
The way diacritics are made depends on their designers' linguistic diversity.
What name is given to the diacritic mark which forms the dot over the letter i?
The reviewer is pleasantly surprised to find the Sanskrit text provided with diacritic marks--a practice which has almost disappeared with digital composing.
Finally, early versions of Blackboard do not support use of diacritic marks and non-Roman writing systems except in posted documents--a problem if languages other than English need to be used for Announcements, Discussion Board etc.
These four characters require the use of a base character and a combining diacritic (U+0308 COMBINING DIAERESIS).
A schwa is "a diacritic marking silence instead of a vowel sound," according to Webster's, and the name is appropriate for Calvin Schwa, who is "functionally invisible"--nobody ever notices him, even when they're standing next to him.
Next, a decision must be made whether to transcribe the sound with a diacritic (e.g., [z]) or with the base symbol for the voiceless cognate (e.g., [s]).
They also discovered French, German and Spanish accents and learned where to find these special characters, called "diacritic marks", on the keyboard (e e u u n a c o).
Tone is marked on vowels using a diacritic. Low tone syllables are not marked for tone.