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The operation Merge, applied to two distinct objects X and Y, as defined in Chomsky (1995) and Kitahara (1997) is precisely based on this derivational diachrony, as Epstein et al.
By eliminating the spacing crucial to the process of articulation, Salcedo constructs the paradox of a syntactic arrangement emptied of virtually all diachronic movement: everything is immobilised in a solidified synchronic moment where diachrony gestures merely as a trace and as something remotely anterior to her tomb-like monuments.
As a synchronic counterpart to the diachrony of a fucked-up history the exhibition laid out, what Koether has to offer is the figure of the grid.
Diachrony and Synchrony in English Corpus Linguistics (Linguistic Insights Series.
3) play an important tool for diachrony, in particular grammaticalization studies by showing that some changes presuppose others and (4) summarize the synchronic relationships between different grammatical meanings
Diachrony and Synchrony in the Study of Evolutionary Processes
By derivational paradigm we mean all the derivatives that can be derived by productive synchronic means or recovered in the diachrony, along with the base of derivation, a basic strong verb.
Gift, Responsibility, Diachrony, Hope, Duquesne University Press, Pittsburgh, 2013, 300 pp.
Crossing the Jordan; diachrony versus synchrony in the Book of Joshua.
Berge KL (1993) The diachrony of textual norms; or, why do genres change?
The social group is constituted as composition of a synchrony inasmuch as it is recognised in a common heritage, and as a diachrony inasmuch as it makes possible and legitimises the singular appropriation of the pre-individual fund by each member of the group.
Connectives in Synchrony and Diachrony in European Languages (Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, 8).
It appears that the definition provided by the OALD disclosed the meaning of the word via certain diachrony as it aimed to show not only the general meaning of the word, but also its usage in the past context as well as its applicability in the context of modern life.