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Synonyms for diabolize

turn into a devil or make devilish

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He told Le Monde newspaper recently that "If we diabolize the Salafists, they will rule the country in ten to 15 years.
manipulating everything and mixing up everything in order to diabolize the Syrian government.
Now and then Luhmann may permit himself an ironic remark, such as the one at the end of his book on the welfare state, where he muses how society will deal with grand questions of justice as long as government and opposition are driven to diabolize each other.
Information campaign aimed to diabolize events in Kyrgyzstan was carried out prior and after the events of April 7.
What is most striking in Reading the Qur'an in Latin Christendom is the author's attempt to turn a tool into a goal: philology, while certainly complex and sophisticated, was used as a tool by the translators and polemicists of the Latin Christendom to provide credence to their attempts to distort the message of Islam, to diabolize it using its own language and interpretive tradition, to make it sound as wrongheaded and as fully un-Christian as possible.