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an adherent of Satan or Satanism

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remark he overhears between the Diabolist and one of his companions:
UP IN THE AIR: Colin Ireland perfects his skills at the European Juggling Convention held at Huddersfield New College; top right, diabolist David Steedman of Almondbury whirls his spools on a string
This conviction about the devil was reinforced by dabbling in spiritualism and by an association with a fellow student whom he called "the diabolist.
Millhauser, in correspondence with Howe, confirmed that Edmund Moorash is "entirely an invention," as are the contemporaneous Phantasmacist (which the catalog's narrator dryly calls "a minor and short-lived school" [181]) and Diabolist movements.
Murdering Everard Webley, the novel's Fascist demagogue, takes the would-be diabolist into another caricature of the heart of darkness and further deflates Conrad's Dantesque depiction of it.
Baron Stock, for example, tells stories, wild stories, of how Mervyn Hogarth, whom he imagines to be "a raging diabolist," regularly celebrates the Black Mass, and even magically transforms himself on occasion into a black dog (158, 165).
The idea of a lady needing her beauty sleep was apparently enough to dissuade even the most committed diabolist and Dulcie was able to continue her long career unsacrificed.