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a long loincloth worn by Hindu men

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In the early Indic period, men of the Konkan coast and Deccan plateau wore a loincloth (kashti), a short loin wrap (kapod), a long lungi or a simple dhoti (pudvem).
Suddenly, here was a lithe Indian man, totally at home in his skin, who seemed to have worn a dhoti all his life.
La gran expectativa es saber la suerte que correran el partido BJP que encabeza la coalicion gobernante y el Partido del Congreso que se identifica mas con la imagen clasica de la India de la dhoti, el traje modesto de las mayorias.
He also regularly contributed essays to The New Yorker magazine under such absurd titles as Beat Me, Post-Impressionist Daddy and No Starch in the Dhoti.
They said you can wear a dhoti, but not pajama," Batliwala said.
Tenders are invited for Rate contract of cunstruction meterial and equipment for mg nrega,pr and rd works year 2017-18 gp dhoti
While the range was inspired by the 70s, there was also a profusion of floral motifs in many of the pieces -- smart embroidered jackets worn over white dhoti pants, sequins embellished chiffon saris and handcrafted poncho tops.
He was wearing a white dhoti and a shirt and had not taken his identity card and specs," the relative said.
In "Veeram", Ajith's performance as a dhoti clad ruffian has won accolades from the audience.
Ganesh Venkataraman, who was dressed in a sherwani and white dhoti, with a thick kasavu border, said: "Hari Anand's clothes are comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.
At the feet of Ganesh is a rat, signifying the common man, and sports a white dhoti and vest with a white cap.
Prathapan was wearing a white cotton dhoti (a long cloth worn by men in India to cover the lower part of the body) and shirt, the customary dress for men in Kerala.
He said that why critics of Sindh Topi do not criticize Dhoti and Pajama.
Why not pair a khadi hand-woven classic kurta with unusual dhoti pants?
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 12 (ANI): Putting on his signature cream dhoti, Mahatma Gandhi marched his way to getting Independence for India in 1947.