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Synonyms for dextrous

skillful in physical movements

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But the foot is a very dextrous part of the body and there are a tremendous amount of ligaments involved.
His more verbally dextrous but seemingly less imposing rival at least had an answer to the Helen Mary Jones question, even if it was flawed.
It shows how exquisite dance and song can be with a lithe, dextrous choreography to Simone's luscious singing of Wild is the Wind.
But Ms Riley has sparked interest not for her dextrous manipulation of letter cards, but for her clothing.
Between the lines, the book shows Lynn's work in relation to the evolution of more and more dextrous hardware and software, which allow Lynn's practice to be at its most vivacious.
Having culturally dextrous employees allows a business to get the best from its talent," says Reid, who travels to China three to four times a year to do consulting work with recently graduated Chinese Ph.
Braswell, USN, Watch Captain/Storeroom Custodian, USS Dextrous (MCM 13), January 2006 to January 2007.
Machines today are faster, more accurate, more dextrous, more reliable and more consistent than any craftsman could ever be.
Dextrous had only made the frame on three occasions and had yet to get his head in front in 28 starts before his win in a maiden claimer here last month.
Dextrous use of the pneumatic engraving tool was required because many of these trilobites occur on bedding planes that are covered with silty and clayey dolomite.
It would have taken an incredibly dextrous and determined set of people to remove it.
He has collected as many engaging stories as recipes, and, as accompanying side dishes he invites us to savour slices of real Arab life in his witty, evocative recollections, of his childhood in Nablus, as an Arab student in Spain, his picaresque travels around the Maghreb and tragic-comic tales of Libyan fanatics, eccentric sheikhs, dervishes, dextrous Lebanese and devious Bedouin women.
Oliver's dextrous staging makes a tricky text fly by the simplest, most stripped-down theatrical means, and for the most part her cast makes the imaginative leap in fine style as well.
As well as his dextrous work with the more emotive aspects of the book, there is another facet of 'Frank Skinner' which stands as a testament to his lengthy schooling - Skinner holds an MA in English Literature.
Rousing, angry and poetically dextrous screeds like ``Dragging My Own Tombstone'' and ``Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers'' fit nicely here with the more introspective likes of the badly lived life lament ``Circle Tour'' and a bar-busting version of the traditional ``When I Get My Reward.