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spiraling upward from left to right

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Calycine colleters few and alternisepalous or numerous and spread across base of sepal inside (rarely absent); corolla salveriform, campanulate, or urceolate; corolla-lobe aestivation dextrorse (sinistrorse in Parameria), rarely valvate; corona, if present, mostly as small pouches in petal sinuses, sometimes lower down on corolla tube behind stamens (Apocynum with alternistaminal appendages near base of corolla tube).
Calycine colleters often one, episepalous, or several and spread across base of sepal, rarely absent; corolla salveriform, infundibuliform, tubular campanulate, campanulate (rotate in Parsonsia, Artia, Ecua, and Thernardia); corolla-lobe aestivation dextrorse, rarely valvate; stamens mostly inserted in upper part of corolla tube (near base in Parsonsia, Artia, Ecua, Pottsia, and Thernardia); anthers often partially to almost completely exserted, with large, lignified guide rails, attached near base of style head; style head cylindrical to narrowly fusiform, broadest and with (usually well developed, often membranous) collar at base and sometimes upper wreath as well; stigmatic zone located on underside of style head beneath collar.
Subfamily Key character Rauvolfioideae Apocynoideae Aestivation of corolla Sinistrorse, rarely Dextrose, rarely valvate in bud dextrorse or sinistrorse Insertion of stamen In upper half of corolla On corolla tube at bases tube but well below of lobes to base of bases of petals tube around ovaries (sometimes of stami- nal feet) Sclerenchymatic guide Absent or present Present rails Anther sacs Tetrasporangiate Tetrasporangiate Miotic division of pol- Simultaneous Simultaneous len mother cells Shape of filament Slender, cylindrical, Slender, cylindrical sometimes inserted sometimes inserted on thickened "foot" on thickened "foot" Staminal feet Fused to sides of corolla Fused to sides of corolla tube tube Pollen when shed Loose, single grains Loose, single grains Anther secreting wall N.