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spiraling upward from left to right

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Calycine colleters absent; corolla salveriform or somewhat funnelform in Haplophyton; corolla-lobe aestivation either sinistrorse or dextrorse; corona absent; style head with or without a basal collar; ovary apocarpous or rarely syncarpous; disc absent, adnate, or inconspicuous.
Calycine colleters absent; corolla salveriform; corolla-lobe aestivation usually sinistrorse (dextrorse in Kopsia, Neisosperma, and Ochrosia); corona absent; style head usually with stigmatic region beneath basal collar; disc normally present; ovary apocarpous (in some Rauvolfia spp.
Leaves opposite; calycine colleters present or absent; corolla salveriform; corona absent; corolla-lobe aestivation sinistrorse or dextrorse; style head scarcely differentiated, without basal collar, body uniformly receptive; ovary congenitally syncarpous; disc mostly absent or adnate to ovary.
Corolla salveriform to tubular campanulate; aestivation dextrorse; corona usually absent, but well developed in Malcuetia and as inflated hump on dorsal side of anther in Kibatalia.
Calycine colleters few and alternisepalous or numerous and spread across base of sepal inside (rarely absent); corolla salveriform, campanulate, or urceolate; corolla-lobe aestivation dextrorse (sinistrorse in Parameria), rarely valvate; corona, if present, mostly as small pouches in petal sinuses, sometimes lower down on corolla tube behind stamens (Apocynum with alternistaminal appendages near base of corolla tube).