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Synonyms for dexterous

Synonyms for dexterous

exhibiting or possessing skill and ease in performance

showing art or skill in performing or doing

Synonyms for dexterous

skillful in physical movements


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A hybrid work of autobiography, testimonial, and fiction, Speechless allows Lanoye's exquisite sensitivity to shine, capitalizing on his dexterous poetic instincts to colorfully depict the struggle of overcoming personal tragedy and reconciling oneself to the exploration and acceptance of sexuality.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A Swedish patient with hand amputation has become the first recipient of an osseo-neuromuscular implant to control a dexterous hand prosthesis.
The chief minister said that innovative steps will have to be taken through dexterous use of technology and management skills for improving the flow of traffic at different entry and exit points.
The most prominent victim was Husky, the stage name for Dmitry Kuznetsov, from Ulan Ude, a rapper whose dark and dexterous lyrics skewer life in Russia outside of Moscow's Garden Ring.
AMERICAN ANIMALS (15) HHHH H WILDLY ambitious and superbly crafted, this intriguing, tense and funny real-life heist thriller is a light-fingered and dexterous modern day morality tale.
Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Sarcos Robotics is the world's leader in mobile, dexterous, tele-operated robots that combine human intelligence, instinct and judgment with robotic strength, endurance and precision to augment worker performance.
An entertaining and highly watchable 60-minutes of dystopian brilliance, Neverwant benefits from its exceedingly talented and dexterous cast.
To demonstrate Dactyl's ability to learn to be more dexterous and prehensile using its artificial intelligence system, OpenAI hooked up Dactyl to a Shadow Dexterous Hand, a humaniform robot hand system developed by The Shadow Robot Company.
He said that dexterous use of information technology was imperative for uplifting the educational system for betterment
As per the Jakarta Post, Gibran explained the meaning of the child's name as Jan meaning "most", while Ethes "dexterous" and Srinarendra "intelligent leader".
In the future, stable, dexterous robots like the Spot Mini could be put to work in dangerous environments and conflict zones to prevent humans from being exposed to risk.
He also said that the Punjab government has promoted the culture of horticulture in the province and development projects have been made attractive through a dexterous use of horticulture.
Instead of indulging into internal stifle, it is better to have a dexterous and striking team of foreign affairs led by Foreign Minister that it does not possess at the moment.
Khaligraph Jones sports perhaps the most dexterous flow ever witnessed in Kenyan mainstream scene.
Which four-letter word, beginning with "D", means dexterous, skillful and nimble?