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Dexter intends to acquire the manufacturing locations in Ingersoll, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and Indianapolis, IN.
Dexter is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, who arrived at Hope Primary, in Huyton, in October last year, at just 13 weeks old.
Launched as a fundraising campaign after little Dexter died in his sleep last May, Dexter's Light has emerged as a community champion in a nationwide scheme.
Herbie, 94, and 13-month-old Dexter have gone on courses run by environmental charity Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle - becoming its oldest and youngest participants.
No wonder Dexter was distraught by Deb's death in the finale.
Read at your own risk, if you haven't seen Dexter Season 8, Episode 12, "Remember the Monsters.
We find Dexter on the one hand telling himself that things are good but there are a lot of problems, and the subterranean stuff is beginning to bubble up.
This week Dexter Industries releases software for the NXT that allows it to be directly controlled by Apple devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and Macbook.
Like the novel, which inspired the series, Jeff Lindsay's Darkly Dreaming Dexter (2004), the series is peppered with Dexter's darkly comic voice-over narration.
Whether you view it as hybrid gothic or deadpan suburban camp, Dexter (2006-present) offers one of the most rewarding items in contemporary US television drama for academic analysis.
Pinellas County;beautiful shopping center;major anchors;exceptional growth potential for extra pickup & delivery svc;4th qt '09 up 15% over '08;Completely remodeled in '08-'09;offers dryclean drop-off,wash/dry/fold,selfserve;Newer equipment included:4 dexter dbl loadrs,2 dexter triple loadrs,3 dxter maxi loadrs,1 dexter mega loadr,10 whirpool top loadrs,5 dexter dbl dryers,1 dexter 60#,4 dexter singles,change machines,soap vending,& more.
DEXTER IS DELICIOUS offers a new case in the series that fostered the TV hit 'Dexter'--this time revolving around killer Dexter's absorption with his newborn daughter and his investigation of a vanished teen who has been spending time in the goth community.
DEXTER - Oregon State Police and the Lane County medical examiner are investigating the death of a Dexter man who collapsed while running in the Bristow Rock N River Run cross country event Saturday morning at Elijah Bristow State Park.
DeXter is DeLicious By Jeff LinDsay (orion pounds 12.