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wet with dew


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Actress Valeen Montenegro gets a dewy look from makeup artist Pong Niu
Dewy slung his feet up into her lap and kneaded his socks against her stomach, like the tomcat that she sometimes let in from the garden.
The all-in-one balm infuses lips, cheeks, eyes and decolletage with a natural, dewy radiance.
99, is designed to bring a fresh dewy flush to your cheeks.
42 Theodore Roosevelt was still dewy when he became prez in 1901 following William McKinley's assassination.
For spring, runways were awash with fresh-faced, dewy complexions.
Let's hope the new beauty regime does the trick and makes their dewy skin Shine.
Eva Longoria is no desperate housewife with her fab figure and a dewy glow from Laura Mercier Moisturising Foundation, pounds 30.
The movie was a dewy, soft focus celebration of Robert Redford as Jesus incarnate.
Even as far back as the '20s, Marilyn Miller, who played her share of dewy ingenues, worked as a dishwasher in Sally and a bareback rider in Sunny.
The face is covered with soft hues for a glowing, healthy feminine look, while the lips are fresh and dewy, with nails all about shimmering color," says a spokeswoman for the supplier.
New York commentator Dewy Murdock is a columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a Media Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
He noticed something he suspected might be similar while he watched butterflies set off early in the morning toward a dewy meadow.
Books catalogued according to the dewy decimal system.
A `fresh face' is one that shows off clean, dewy skin," says Andrea Fairweather, CEO of Fairweather Faces (www.