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wet with dew


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Wherever she set her blessed foot, there was at once a dewy flower.
An opiate vapour, dewy, dim, Exhales from out her golden rim, And, softly dripping, drop by drop, Upon the quiet mountain top.
In the dewy mornings, she hop-skipped and jumped by his side into the pasture to bring in the cows.
Once there was an old aged man over at Mellstock--William Dewy by name--one of the family that used to do a good deal of business as tranters over there, Jonathan, do ye mind?
The watch-dog in his kennel blinks at the grateful sun, dreams of a glorious chase over the dewy fields, and wakes with a yelp of gladness to greet a caressing hand.
Up comes the bright sun, drawing everything up with it--the Wills and Sallys, the latent vapour in the earth, the drooping leaves and flowers, the birds and beasts and creeping things, the gardeners to sweep the dewy turf and unfold emerald velvet where the roller passes, the smoke of the great kitchen fire wreathing itself straight and high into the lightsome air.
Down the dewy slope below my window a few calves fed with toothless mouthings; the beck was very audible, the oak-trees less so; but for these peaceful sounds the stillness and the solitude were equally intense.
Philip walked round the garden all fresh and dewy in the morning.
His way led, all in the dewy morn, past the verge of Sherwood Forest, where the birds were welcoming the lovely day with a great and merry jubilee.
The sun was only just appearing from behind the clouds, the air was fresh and dewy.
My life is like the single dewy star That trembles on the horizon's primrose-bar,-- A microcosm where all things living are.
Once I sang as early thrushes Sing among the dewy bushes; Now I'm mute.
He turned and strode away, very much at random, across the dewy fields, his half-penitent tormentor quietly watching him from his point of vantage in the saddle till he disappeared beyond an array of trees.
They liked to sit there when the twilight came down and the white moths flew about in the garden and the odor of mint filled the dewy air.
A wind, loosened from wild places far away, steals out to blow over dewy, star-lit, immemorial hills.