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Synonyms for devoutness

a state of often extreme religious ardour

Synonyms for devoutness

piety by virtue of being devout

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The effort/behavior dimension decreases with the increase in devoutness (i=.
Nelsons' freely-flowing beat (having learned the technique, now he can modify it as he will) drew grittiness, sonority, desolation, brilliance, devoutness and total dedication from his players - among whom the whimpering trumpet of Catherine Moore was outstanding.
Ruyu "deemed what she perceived in their formidable shadow the only life worth living, sterility mistaken for purity, aloofness for devoutness.
The court prudently avoided the potentially endless task of adumbrating criteria by which local governments, acting as piety police, could finely calibrate a constitutionally acceptable quantity of devoutness in public prayers, or could draw a bright line between acknowledging and worshiping a divinity.
It is for Job's freedom of mind, and the devoutness of heart it makes possible, that God commends Job as the only person who has spoken rightly of him; it is not the atheist who deserves the moniker of "freethinker," but the man of faith, Job.
Female civil servants have now been allowed to wear the veil, while their male counterparts can sport beards as symbols of Muslim devoutness, News24 reports.
Obviously, here it is devoutness to avoid this confusion and whoever does that is described as devout and conservative in his religion.
In his often extensive poems Schouten summarizes the events related in the prose version, adding comments and professing his devoutness.
A brief look at other early Jewish hortatory texts (Pseudo-Phocylides, Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, Sapientia Salomonis) shows a Jewish Torah devoutness ("Torafrommigkeit") which was critically challenged by Job in the face of his sufferings as one who had led his life as a righteous man.
And I promise to rule the flock entrusted to me in the fear of God and in devoutness of life, and fervently to teach it, striving with all zeal to guard it against all heresies.
Barren as it is, the desert is lush with Jesus's and Mary's devoutness.
A waliyy is a righteous Muslim man, known for his piety, devoutness and closeness to Allah.
Knowing the instinctive devoutness of the average Sudanese citizen, NIF stroke the right chord to get the tune and played the religion card which was capable to lure very many citizens to believe the lie.
The longed-for consummation may already be present in the devoutness of our wish.
But devoutness emerges in the emptiness created by material-concrete life practices that are fundamentally hampered and do not have protective functions.