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At first, King Minos will be angry; but he will soon forgive his only child; and, by and by, he will rejoice, I know, that no more youths and maidens must come from Athens to be devoured by the Minotaur.
Species that sharks devour, like seals, for example, would overpopulate and in turn decimate other species, like salmon.
Readers will be caught up in brave Cody's plight from the start, and will likely devour this fast-paced novel in one gulp.
"Ocean microbes will soon devour the ship's steel for all eternity." Using the 3-seat Russian submarine Mir-l, equipped with robotic arms, the company has already retrieved about 500 artifacts.
Or has art become a cannibalistic metagenre that will devour, well, anything in its path?
Astronauts will drop their drawers into a microbial "soup," and the microbes will devour their underwear within minutes.
Celtophiles will devour this title and clamor for more.
Poised in front of the innumerable buttercups growing along the Guermantes Way, the young Marcel finds that, unable literally to devour the flowers in order "to consummate with my palate the plea sure which the sight of them never failed to give me," his pleasure "accumulates" on the flowers' golden surfaces "until it became potent enough to produce an effect of absolute, purposeless beauty." It is, then, the visibility of the boy's pleasure on the flowers that caused the pleasure that transforms the buttercups into something like an object of art.
The cave's fish and insects devour the snottites, which derive energy from sulfur (much like common plants using sunlight for fuel).
Among the dramatic additions are ten fat relatives who sweep in and all but devour Max.
As if in one of the Greek tragedies evoked by the punning title, a reputed ancestor of the bird family has ripped through time to devour his own distant heirs - perhaps with the aid of the invisible human who collected those berries in a leaf.
Deeper and more personal than most of the Chicken Soup stories, these will nevertheless be very popular with teens who devour inspirational story collections.
Wasps take only one embryo away at each visit, but a snake can quickly devour a clutch.
Dance is a hungry art; it can devour, and it can be devoured.
The snake motif becomes even more bizarre in Mea Culpa, 1992 93, which depicts a rough-hewn and clumsy three-headed serpentine hydra, one of its heads distended to devour an egg.