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Synonyms for devote

Synonyms for devote

to devote (oneself or one's efforts)

to give over by or as if by vow to a higher purpose

Synonyms for devote

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause


set aside or apart for a specific purpose or use

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The DEVOTE trial is a long-term, randomised, double-blinded and event-driven trial conducted to confirm the cardiovascular safety of Tresiba, as compared to insulin glargine U100 when added to standard of care, in people with type 2 diabetes.
The thought of finding two (much less 20) hours to devote to FAS No.
The candidate must devote a minimum of 75% of full-time professional effort to the goals of this award.
This model may be appropriate for CPAs who want to be responsive to their customers' needs, but may not want to devote a significant amount of time or resources to this practice area.
Child expert Michael Wilmott of the Future Foundation said: "Parents can devote more time to each child partly because people are having fewer children.
New members without the requisite industry background must devote extra time and effort to gain a working understanding of that business.
This in turn requires her to devote a good deal of attention to the vicissitudes of creating scientific and educational institutions in nineteenth-century Brazil.
When legislators approve the program and devote adequate financial resources to its implementation, it will signal the biggest and most strategic expansion of the region's mass transit system since the 1930's.
Newsweek -- an increasingly degenerate publication that is now really a cross between Glamour and People -- did not devote one cover story to breaking political or international news in recent weeks.
A single volume could of course not be expected to realize this goal fully, so, with the publication in 1993 of The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre, a step was taken to devote a whole volume to a "specific and focused concern for one aspect of world theatre" (vii).
The Tax Division has now developed a specific model for a tax specialty accreditation program that would benefit and be available to CPAs who devote a significant part of their professional time to tax practice.
They devote about 45% of their time to A&A, 38% to tax, 5% to consulting and 1% to personal financial planning.
Even with scholars like Claude Cahen, Eliyahu Ashtor, and Andrew Watson, who devote special attention to economic questions, a tendency to draw sweeping conclusions from quite limited data undermines the value of their work.
With this approach, Professor Russell can devote a chapter to the caravels used by Henry's explorers and another to the beginnings of the West African Atlantic slave trade.
The editors do devote segments of their short introductions to Las Casas's compilation of documents composed by Columbus and his summarized versions of some of them.