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Synonyms for devote

Synonyms for devote

to devote (oneself or one's efforts)

to give over by or as if by vow to a higher purpose

Synonyms for devote

give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause


set aside or apart for a specific purpose or use

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The thought of finding two (much less 20) hours to devote to FAS No.
Candidates should strongly consider incorporating into their training plan formal courses in relevant areas of biomedicine, behavioral science, bioimaging, or bioengineering; this program offers a unique opportunity to devote protected time to this activity.
Are you willing to devote enough time to provide this service proficiently?
Specific attention will be devoted to (a) expanding distance-learning opportunities; (b) restructuring programs to reflect demographic trends and the changing demands on the time of tax executives; and (c) ensuring that TEI's programs devote sufficient time to management and other non-tax issues.
Currently, many "527s" claim they devote only a portion of their resources to federal elections and, therefore, should be required to file only with the IRS and not with the FEC.
While most hospitals devote some attention to energy efficiency, New York-Presbyterian is one of the very few in America with a full-time, management-level position dedicated to maximizing energy savings.
Here's another great example: Go out on a limb on a nongay topic, alienate large numbers of people you need to persuade, divide the gay population unnecessarily, and devote energy and resources to a subject far, far away from the issue of gay equality.
They devote specific chapters to the history of drug use, the domestic and international drug trade, the role of organized crime and gangs, drug control/ prevention, and even the issue of legalizing drugs.
Seven out of 10 modern parents devote more hours to taking youngsters swimming, to museums or theme parks, and six out of 10 have more fun with their kids.
We should not devote limited educational funds and resources -- which could be used to create greater access to computers in our schools, for example -- to Ebonics.
For certain specialized industries CPAs may need to devote extra time to gain a working understanding of the business and its competitors.
This in turn requires her to devote a good deal of attention to the vicissitudes of creating scientific and educational institutions in nineteenth-century Brazil.
When legislators approve the program and devote adequate financial resources to its implementation, it will signal the biggest and most strategic expansion of the region's mass transit system since the 1930's.
The author, a 17-year veteran with the Austin, Texas, Police Department, presents information in an easy-to-follow manner on a subject of increasing importance to law enforcement as agencies devote more resources to investigating white-collar crimes.
Newsweek -- an increasingly degenerate publication that is now really a cross between Glamour and People -- did not devote one cover story to breaking political or international news in recent weeks.