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Synonyms for devolvement

the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government)

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Vicki was baptized and married in the Pana Christian Church and since moving to Sangamon County was member of First Presbyterian of Springfield, Presbyterian New Church Devolvement of Rochester and Chatham Presbyterian.
Malonne, who is co-chairing the two-day conference with David Crosby, Cancer Research, UK, has stated, "As the co-chair for the event, I am particularly interested in you joining us to discuss the role of molecular diagnosis in the devolvement of personalised medicine, analyse the latest developments in companion diagnostics and discuss the future of the industry, learn what will be required in the new European In Vitro Diagnostics Regulations, assess opportunities and novel diagnostics technologies at the point-of-care, plus much more."
What is worse, the problem becomes more critical with the devolvement of social media and the availability of large amount of private information on the web.
This committee is considering matters which will affect every person in Wales, including the devolvement of tax-raising powers later this year.
These demonstrate the different roles of Tet proteins in the different tissues and in the devolvement of different organs.
With regard to the devolvement of multiple organ failure, no statistical significance could be detected between the two groups.
involvement will likely be met with resistance from Assad's backers, who stand to lose from the devolvement of Assad's power and the disbanding of de-escalation zones where "guarantors" hold sway.
Mayor Islamabad and Chairman Capital Devolvement Authority Sheikh Ansar Aziz has said that CDA is taking strict action against encroachments and housing societies not fulfilling prescribed criteria.
At the same time, public administrations need to encapsulate reforms in a broad scope of fields such as: professionalism, leadership, demographic changes, skills shortage, people rotation, job sharing, promotion freeze, flexible working practices, devolvement of human resources practices, inclusion of ICT, etc.
Awareness of NICHD- National Institute of Child Health Human Devolvement "save to sleep" campaign.
State minister, Abraham said the draft budget was designed taken to account the socio-economic devolvement activities and impact of continental and global economic situation as well as pledges of international aid donors.
Terrorists are the enemies of devolvement and progress; they get unsettled and freaked out if they see a country is resolutely moving forward progress, statement added.
The four-month Phase 1 implementation of CCMS involved moving the outsourcing and marketing contracts to the central contract management repository and providing CTCB with desired vendor management functions and workflow, including review, approval, audit, and devolvement.
This includes staff consideration of an offender's therapeutic devolvement, mental health stability and safety concerns displayed during advancement.