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Synonyms for devolve

Synonyms for devolve

to come as by lot or inheritance


Synonyms for devolve

pass on or delegate to another

be inherited by

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He said: "The best way is to devolve powers and funding."
Devolve will also be instrumental to the advancement of customer regulatory and compliance practice as the internal point person in completing these requests.
While 7% has said, 'Sinhala leaders will not allow the President to devolve powers to the Tamils'
"With the announcement of a oneyear spending review to give government departments 'financial certainty' as they prepare for Brexit, I believe now is the ideal time to devolve APD to the Welsh Government.
However MCI officials said it was not the CDA's business to point out whether MCI rules have been framed, and they should devolve the departments under the act.
"The Westminster Government has steadfastly said it will not devolve policing to Wales; however, the case for it to be done is strong.
Since the Government call came to devolve power to the regions, Teesside has acted swiftly, decisively and skillfully.
DAVID Cameron has said he will "look carefully" at a proposal to devolve money for threatened Remploy factories to Wales - but warned they are being closed for sound reasons.
The formula to devolve ministries to Provinces would be finalized later.
The committee heard a range of arguments for devolving APD, most notably the fact that two respected independent commissions - the Holtham and Silk Commissions - have previously made recommendations to devolve APD to Wales.
It is totally unacceptable for the UK Government to devolve APD to Scotland and Northern Ireland but not to Wales.
The commission met under the chairmanship of Chairman Senator Mian Raza Rabbani on Tuesday to review the homework to devolve seven ministries to Provinces.
"He ide pem is against the idea because several people tried to move amendments to the Wales Bill to devolve such things as youth justice.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron said introducing a "metro mayor" would make it easier to devolve power to regions.