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  • adj

Synonyms for devoid

lacking in


  • lacking in
  • without
  • free from
  • wanting in
  • sans
  • bereft of
  • empty of
  • deficient in
  • denuded of
  • barren of

Synonyms for devoid

not having a desirable element

Synonyms for devoid

completely wanting or lacking

References in classic literature ?
I say this brother present here among us is devoid of parents, devoid of relations, devoid of flocks and herds, devoid of gold, of silver, and of precious stones because he is devoid of the light that shines in upon some of us.
He was not ungenteel, nor entirely devoid of wit, and in his youth had abounded in sprightliness, which, though he had lately put on a more serious character, he could, when he pleased, resume.
She knew that in politics, in philosophy, in theology, Alexey Alexandrovitch often had doubts, and made investigations; but on questions of art and poetry, and, above all, of music, of which he was totally devoid of understanding, he had the most distinct and decided opinions.
His long life was devoid of external incident; he was long a newspaper writer and afterward literary reader for a publishing house; he spent his later years quietly in Surrey, enjoying the friendship of Swinburne and other men of letters.
On the other hand his verse is generally altogether devoid of the finer qualities of poetry.
When a man falls from a precipice or slips on a piece of orange peel, his body behaves as if it were devoid of life.
They jeered and sounded mournful notes without promise, devoid even of hope.
It was a close, sultry day: devoid of sunshine, but with a sky too dappled and hazy to threaten rain: and our place of meeting had been fixed at the guide-stone, by the cross-roads.
For as they have no pretensions to an angle, being inferior in this respect to the very lowest of the Isosceles, they are consequently wholly devoid of brain-power, and have neither reflection, judgment nor forethought, and hardly any memory.
In the same way we can never imagine the action of a man quite devoid of freedom and entirely subject to the law of inevitability.
Some theorists have suggested the missing galaxies elude observation because they're rife with dark matter yet all but devoid of ordinary star-forming matter.
Joselit may have into my (admittedly rather limited) "private milieu," I assume I will be believed when I report that it is utterly devoid of V-2 rocket strikes, sentient light-bulbs, and paranoid men in pig costumes.
If the results are 'incongruous, ugly, passionate', as Hector Bolitho wrote in 1933, it is because of the strange way that this new city enters into the depths of soul; an 'expression of an ecstasy' devoid of great public monuments but adored by its inhabitants.
Their loves are always impossible, unrequited, destructive; and the men are generally unhappy, not least because the hunks are straight and thus not only unavailable but--worse!--predictably devoid of irony.
Even more devoid of style--and stylishness--were the character variations, especially the plodding Hungarian czardas for the Russians and the polka accompanied by castanets for the Spaniards.