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Synonyms for devitalization

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

Synonyms for devitalization

the act of reducing the vitality of something

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At the 2-week recheck appointment, complete devitalization of digits 1-3 of the left foot and sloughing of the skin of the distal foot were visible (Fig 3).
Ancoric loss Aporetic dissonance Aporetic inquiry Buddhemes Buddhism Buddhist Cancellation of warrant Curvature Decision Destruction Devitalization of charism Dharma, The Disinterest Disruption Empty reality Fitting proximity Ideology suspicion Incidental exile Inhibiting the network of postulation Postulate deflation Principle of sufficient Buddhism Protagonist, The Re-commission of postulates Rhetorics of self-display Saliency of requisite disenchantment Thaumaturgical refuge Ventriloquism Vibrato Voltaic network of postulation Ancoric loss.
Limb reconstruction for such large defects can be performed by various techniques, including endoprosthetic reconstruction, osteoarticular allografting, vascularized autografting, bone transport with distraction osteogenesis, or reimplantation of the tumor-bearing bone segment after the devitalization of the tumor cells (by heating, freezing, or extracorporeal irradiation) [5].
In fact, to the extent any still image refuses overt masculinization of the crucified Jesus, it invites a feminizing gaze because of its devitalization. Long-established misogynist reception regimes that readily assimilate weakness and violation to the feminine, with a complementary tendency to imagine women as the only blameless victims, support such readings (Clover 1992, 12).
(10) Perhaps the best known aspect of Leschetizky's beliefs was what he termed the "devitalization" of the arm to conserve energy.
Rather than subject the First Amendment to such a devitalization, we instead have afforded commercial speech a limited measure of protection, commensurate with its subordinate position in the scale of First Amendment values, while allowing modes of regulation that might be impermissible in the realm of noncommercial expression.
(24) Advantages of these implants include the ability to obtain anatomic reduction with less fracture devitalization, preservation of the rotator cuff integrity, ability to maintain stable fixation in the face of significant comminution and osteoporosis, and multi-angle screw fixation.
From complaints about the "loose relativity" of the day, protests against divorce, contraception, and abortion, and recurrent warnings about the "devitalization" of France, the "dissolution of the family," and not only the disconnection from the rhythms of nature, but even the "systematic subversion" of nature, one gathers that Marcel's cultural vision was particularly acute.
Repeated Cesarean sections may result in progressive devitalization and scarring of the uterus and bladder base by damaging their vascular network, thus predisposing to fistula formation.[sup.4,7] In case 2, a traumatic uterine rupture leading to the fistula probably developed when the patient started to have pain during labour.
It affects, and is affected by, emotions such as visceral and general anxiety, depression, devitalization, and somatization, and by cognitive factors, including locus of control, catastrophizing, anticipatory concerns, embarrassment, and stigma.
Far from promoting social equality, this new context created new inequalities between the "winning regions" (Benko and Lipietz 1992) and the "losing regions" (Cote et al 1996) and provoked the devitalization of urban neighbourhoods and towns.
To emphasize the annihilation of natural beauty, the poet juxtaposes the straightforward pun "Hack and rack" with the alliterative sequence "growing green," whose linearity of meaning and structure substantiates the idea of devitalization (notice the contrast between its simplicity and the intricate pattern of growth represented in the first stanza).
This may lead to ischemic infarction and devitalization of the bowel, thereby permitting loss of mucosal barrier [5] with consequent bacteremia.
Heat conduction, capacitive coupling, high-frequency leaks, and front scatter coagulate the intestinal wall with subsequent tissue devitalization and necrosis, the extent of which depends on the power density at contact and the duration of energy applied.