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Synonyms for devitalize

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for devitalize

sap of life or energy


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Intra-operative evaluation of the head of the pancreas includes assessment of the integrity of the main pancreatic duct, and must establish whether the pancreatic head or duodenum are devitalised, the presence and extent of duodenal injury, whether the ampulla is disrupted, if the bile duct is intact, and whether an adjacent vascular injury has occurred.
In prolonged and obstructed labour, however, the tissues are devitalised by ischaemia with resultant necrosis, and the devitalised area sloughs off resulting in fistula formation.
During the period planners and social commentators increasingly focused on the importance of a sense of local autonomy for the creation of active and participatory communities, an issue heightened by the growing concern that local government was being devitalised by centralised planning and provision of services.
That was written amid the holocaust of the First World War, which decimated the upper classes in Britain, still more in France, devitalised by it for a whole generation.
Ocular surface staining: Indicating the effects of a defective tear film, ocular surface staining can be measured using a number of dyes; fluorescein to highlight epithelial cell loss and either rose bengal (cornea) or lissamine green (conjunctiva) to indicate dead and devitalised cells.
The devitalised tissue of NEC provides a fertile medium for the growth of the fungus.
The ovarian end and uterine end of left horn were double ligated and devitalised left horn was removed in-situ.
6 Devitalised tracheal tissue already present at the time of conversion to a tracheostomy can further contribute to massive destruction.
SSTIs may also be classified according to the presence or absence of necrotic or devitalised tissue.
On the day of presentation the wound was thoroughly cleaned and a pinch of finely ground Copper sulphate was put deep into the lacerated wound to debride the dead and devitalised tissues and kill the microbes.