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the act of reducing the vitality of something

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The improper use of electrocautery may lead to decreased wound strength and devitalisation of tissues and the smart usage with correct frequency adjustment and training by manufacturer (as each company machine is unique) will definitely give better results than the scalpel skin incision.
Others uses do not seem to be impacted by devitalisation. More-densely populated municipalities would have a higher probability of using performance information in their budgeting (p < 0.05).
If this is considered in addition to the combination of 'achromatic colour responses' as a determinant, 'devitalisation' as a special phenomena and 'mention of death' as a manifestation of a shock, the forcefulness of the depressive factor in these women becomes evident.
Even if there is a suspected isolated pancreatic duct injury (as may occur with a localised penetrating injury), external drainage of the injured area is often the safest option, provided there is no devitalisation and the ampulla is intact.
The sum between Ea and Eb% is no longer sufficient for covering the losses by seminal devitalisation noted with Edev, and Etotal continuously decreases.
the high energy injury causing irregular and wide devitalisation of the tissues c.
Although the PAOO technique requires the utilization of numerous modified diagnostic and treatment parameters; the technique enables to create rapid orthodontic tooth movement and to reduce side effects like root resorption, tooth devitalisation, relapse, inadequate basal bone and bacterial time--load factors like caries and periodontal infection.
For research purposes or fresh tumour banking, as there is a rapid degradation of some macromolecules (especially RNA) after devitalisation, the RPS should be immediately transported to the pathology laboratory for appropriate handling as per relevant protocols.
Depuis le milieu du XXe siecle, le quartier a subi une devitalisation importante.
Visant relancer I'economic du centre de Melbourne, cette approche soutenue par les pouvoirs publics en partenariat avec les acteurs prives et civiques trouve plutot ses origines dans les annees 1980 alors que Melbourne traversait depuis une dizaine d'annees une phase de desindus-trialisation et de devitalisation urbaine.
Loin de favoriser l'egalite sociale, ce nouveau contexte a cree de nouvelles inegalites entre des " regions gagnantes " (Benko et Lipietz 1992) et des " regions perdantes " (Cote et al 1996) et a provoque la devitalisation de quartiers urbains et villages desertes par le capital prive et laisses de cote par les instances publiques au profit de territoires plus " payants " sur le plan economique et politique (Fontan et al 2003).
Favoriser l'implication des citoyens dans le developpement local afin qu'ils se prennent en main pour contrer la devitalisation et l'appauvrissement de leur milieu
INTRODUCTION: Burn wound infection is one of the most common causes of serious problems and death after thermal injury.(1) A thermal injury causes devitalisation of tissue, produces extensive raw areas and destroys the skin barrier that normally prevents invasion of bacteria, fungi and viruses, making burn wound the most frequent origin of sepsis.(2,3) Infection remains a foremost concern in the management of the burn wound because the large low area with its serous exudates, may act as a huge culture plate on which organisms can establish and multiply, little affected by the body defense mechanisms.
In cases of iatrogenic post-operative ureterovaginal fistula, ureteral injury usually occurs in the form of laceration, transaction, crushing, avulsion, suture ligation (partial/complete) or ischaemia due to the devitalisation of the ureteral blood supply.