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the act that results in something coming to be

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One team went to the outer limits by devising a series fuel cell vehicle.
On the pretence of upholding the Charter, these judges purport that they are entitled to impose new laws of their own devising on Canadians.
Thomas Schell was close to his gifted son Oskar, sharing games and stories and devising elaborate treasure hunts to nurture his quirky but prodigious mind.
The technical difference is that you don't spend lots and lots of time devising your website and writing html code or using Dreamweaver.
You can become a Matrix character by playing a best-selling video game; you can explore the Matrix universe by playing a collaborative online puzzle game; you can build unauthorized add-ons to that universe by devising your own Matrix parody or fan fiction.
Owners of older or historic buildings have specific concerns that investigative studies need to address, whether it is working with the original systems to meet current building codes, incorporating modern mechanical and electrical systems or devising remediation designs that preserve the buildings' true character.
Congress is a step closer to devising a bill for reauthorizing the 28-year-old Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Because archivists and information management professionals will be key players in devising systems to meet the retention requirements of the new law, the SEC would be well advised to heed their input in formulating these important rules.
This may be accomplished by devising property in trust, whereby the trustee has legal title, the burden and responsibility of ownership, and discretion regarding distribution of income and principal.
Other innovations may include devising checklists or charts and tables to map out elements of a project over time.
To the Editor: Robert Lear contributes a most illuminating prescription for the newly selected CEO of a multi-billion dollar enterprise seeking to form the perfect board, "Devising the Perfect Board," (CE: November 2000).