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Meanwhile, Deviser Instruments' SitePROFILER E7000L effectively uses Fiber Scopes and Visual Fault Locators (VFL) to spot damage and an optical power meter to measure optical power levels throughout a fiber site deployment such as FTTA or DAS.
qu'il fait bon planter des choux, et beaucoup meilleur ouyr deviser de la mer et des sauvages que d'y aller voir
Or forget all your cares and drop by the Kiasma, Helsinki, Project Room from May 23 to August 26, where board-game deviser and anatomist of social role-playing Eva Grubinger will stage a new multimedia installation, Operation R.
Strachan's quote recently about why his team of so many internationals cannot win games, only backfires on himself as the deviser of the tactics used.
Celui-ci l'abrite et prend occasion de deviser avec lui sur l'univers.
No slight is intended on BHB chairman Peter Savill, and there can be little doubt that he, as the deviser of the plan for racing's regeneration, must be the man whose mastery of the issues remains unrivalled.
Baseball has players and spectators and presents an unfolding action, but it has no playwright: the original deviser of the rules, the legendary Abner Doubleday, is hardly the ghost of a playwright.
Less flush but equally determined on the Edinburgh experience are State of Emergency, here with pounds 400 donated by their alma mater, Middlesex University, "bits of sponsorship" and what the show's deviser, Steve Hill, describes as the help of a "very, very friendly bank manager" to whom he will shortly have to explain the economics of the Fringe.
Brown may present Clotel as the deviser of the masquerade.
Proving that persistence does pay off, this year's platinum award winner, the KO Stamp, was developed by dedicated entrepreneur Brent Galbreth, a product inventor and president of Deviser, Inc.
Watts is a performer, deviser, director, producer, puppeteer and animator.
French mathematician, and deviser of Fermat's Last Theorem.
When Lorenzo Lotto (1480-1556), a deeply seeing portraitist and inventive deviser of historical scenes, became a disconsolate wandering painter (in the end departing to become a lay-brother at the shrine of Loreto) there was good reason for that.
celz de la cite n'en pesoit il pas grantment; car quant il orent oi la grant raison deviser que Lancelos offroit a monseignor Gauvain, il distrent que Dex l'en envoiast honte, car trop estoit orgueillex et oltrecuidiez" (Mort 149.