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If there was not to be close contact between a deviser and those who were to produce the work then a written device was needed, but there was no guarantee that this would be sufficient either.
RJ Guitar Center has been manufacturing for the past 30 years, but it was only recently that the company felt confident enough to start exporting, and eventually come up with a guitar labeled the Philippine standard, thanks to the partnership with Deviser.
Engineered to meet the requirements of installers, contractors, maintenance technicians and headend engineers, Deviser Instruments offers a DS2831 model suited for every need.
Deviser Instruments' AE2200 FTTx Multi-Function Meter has been recognized by the Broadband Technology Report (BTR) as one of the industry's top products.
It is a personal story about "revisiting forgotten dreams and lost passions" inspired by deviser and cancer sufferer Mark Lloyd's wish to get the old band back together.
Il a suffi d'un appel lance par un groupe de citoyens sur les reseaux sociaux pour que des hommes et des femmes, tous ages et toutes categories confondus, se retrouvent sur l'esplanade de la Grande Poste pour deviser sur l'actualite.
The father is still the deviser of the art, and the daughter still appears as the "meanes" through which he comes to form images in clay; but her desire translates here into a drawing that does not just capture an initial act of tracing, but figures a repeated and deepening act of inking that continues after the beloved is gone.
French writers frequently painted Italians as cheats, liars, and masters of artifice, contrasting them with the natural and genuine manner of the Frenchman, Du Bellay, for instance, writes in his "Ode contre les Petrarquistes," "J'ay oublie Part de Petrarquizer / Je veulx d'Amour franchement deviser / Sans vous flatter, et sans me deguizer" (35) [I have forgotten the art of Petrarchizing / I want to speak frankly of love / Without flattering you, and without disguising myself].
Salama Al Enizi, Chairman of Gulf Tubing Company (GTC) and the possessor and the deviser of the project said at a press conference in Alkhobar that jobs at the factory are anticipated to be obtainable by summer 2017.
Stephen becomes the Daedalian artist, the deviser of plots, who will grow up to write cons full of elaborate literary allusions and textures.
Arguably, our inability to comprehend Unkulunkulu has led some of our Ubuntu to represent The Great Deviser in many forms including:
Last year the synthesiser deviser released his debut solo album, the unanimously lauded Outside In - a spacious arrangement of stately '70s AOR balladeering that proved the man renowned for bringing a little leftfield electronic a to the Furries was capable of chameleon-like reinvention.
According to Khadijah Rohani (1987), the deviser of the Malay language readability formula (Tay, 2005), readability of a reading material is the capacity of and difficulty-ease level of it being understood.
By accident of time I was, to my great regret, prevented from meeting Oscar Wilde, but, 'Paddy the next best thing', I enjoyed friendship with his great theatrical embodiment, Micheal MacLiarnmoir, deviser and presenter of that great one-man show, The Importance of Being Oscar.
S'il est donques permis, sans offense d'aucun, Des meurs de nostre temps deviser en commun.