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Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

playful in an appealingly bold way

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in a playfully devilish manner


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I think we have a responsibility to devise a system that can deal with the differences in people right down to their devilishness and subversiveness, and not allow these qualities to triumph over us.
His India paintings represented a falling away from his earlier perversity--or rather a stylization of it that caused it to lose all its uncanniness--but now, returning to the American scene where he is obviously at home, he has recovered his intuitive sense of devilishness.
After a colourful description of the trollwomen fighting on his side, the reprehensible devilishness of it all is somewhat undermined by the emphasis on Hakon's bravery in fighting: pat er sagt, at peir Hakon jarl gordu hardar atlogur ok bordusk nu djarfliga.
Typical major championship devilishness - narrow fairways, rough that could hide a still, and fast, multi-level greens with more undulations than a Kentucky hollow - await the participants.
In this way Iago is one of literature's most convincing characterizations of the Devil, and of the mobile devilishness of us.
So I then told him to get his supervisor to phone me back -and out of devilishness I gave him my mobile phone number
As the mood in the nation darkens, racist terror fuels the rampaging English forces (rumours of tails seen on corpses prove the true devilishness of the Irish) and soon Madeleine and Robert's English friends Susaneh (Amelda Brown) and Solomon Winter (Pip Donaghy) are cleared from their home.
The Bolivian minister, too, called for unity among independence states, and said, "The independent nations and states should use their power and ability within the framework of a strengthened and stable alliance to confront those who have sown the seeds of devilishness and disappointment in the world.
If such behaviors are continued, we will certainly expel the British ambassador as many plots inside the country have their roots in their devilishness," Sadr said.