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Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

playful in an appealingly bold way

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in a playfully devilish manner


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Fearing the Tory leader was being made to look even dafter than normal, spin doctors claimed the devilish photo was faked.
Granny lives in her house above ground with her chicken Gracie, rooster Otto, and devilish cat, Barnaby.
Faust" is is a swirling tornado of an opera, containing a world of contrasts both musically and dramatically with the bewitching magic of the dark side casting its devilish hand across the opera house stage.
Like you, Coleen, I have boys in their 20s, who I adore, but I know how devilish they can be - everything is a big laugh to them.
Alongside special spooky surprises, the children spent the day creating some devilish decorations such as ghoulish masks and lanterns.
Xbox One DARK, devilish, and a delicious Xbox One debut.
There is a devilish war to damage Bahrain's progress and we have to improve our work.
UUgo Foods has launched its Special Edition Devilish Chocolate Fiorelli Dessert--the first fresh chocolate pasta on the market and is the latest in their range of Special Editions.
Devilish doll Chucky, from the Child's Play films, came in third with Damien from The Omen and Jack Torrance (6 per cent) from The Shining fourth and fifth respectively.
Diehard fans jumping from PC may find some omissions not to their taste, but for everyone else, Diablo III is a devilish blast.
So when Dortmund struck twice in injury-time to win the tie in such dramatic fashion, it was almost as if the only previous boss to have achieved this remarkable feat had wreaked some devilish havoc from beyond the grave.
The Sheikh described the turmoil in Syria as devilish sparked by a demon that "awaits every opportunity to corrupt people.
Calling it a devilish act (would) be an understatement.
At Devilish Mary's we encourage the freedom to be unique.