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Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

playful in an appealingly bold way

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in a playfully devilish manner


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The statement reads: 'We write to debunk the devilish and wicked news making round the social media of the decision of Dr.
Is this not a devilish conspiracy to keep the primary schools of Jeejal Sindh without primary teachers and create such a hostile environment as those schools remain occupied by the feudal lords, thugs, thieves and addicts?
"Nemis is devilish. My Bible says no and even God didn't go to school," Manyasa said.
Joe Henderson, a producer on the show, was recently seen to have met up with Tom Ellis and shared on Twitter - "Plotting devilish things with @tomellis17 #SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer."
"Faust" is is a swirling tornado of an opera, containing a world of contrasts both musically and dramatically with the bewitching magic of the dark side casting its devilish hand across the opera house stage.
Like you, Coleen, I have boys in their 20s, who I adore, but I know how devilish they can be - everything is a big laugh to them.
NNA - "Democratic Gathering" leader, MP Walid Jumblatt, tweeted on Tuesday "Some articles, studies and statements show more than any time before that Syria's destiny is partition; and the two main engineers for this devilish game are John Kerry-- that is U.S.A-- and Sergei Lavrov --that is Russia." Jumblatt noted that the final borders of the new Syria are to be gradually crystallized based on the field developments; while as the Syrian people is left alone to be killed, tortured and displaced as the whole world stands watching from far away.
Indian forces and their local stooges have restarted this tactics of custodial killing of youth, but they should know that these devilish tactics won't succeed, she said, while paying tributes to Sajjad Ahmad Butt.
Hosted by Claudia 'Werewolf' Winkleman and Tess 'Devilish' Daly (above).
It has been shown many times that the invocation of evil spirits with the ambition of national unification and retailoring of borders in the Balkans is a devilish mission, even when it is perfectly clear it is in the service of someone's political goals at home, Jaksic adds.
He's positively devilish as he sabotages her first date with a new suitor.
Alongside special spooky surprises, the children spent the day creating some devilish decorations such as ghoulish masks and lanterns.
Xbox One DARK, devilish, and a delicious Xbox One debut.
Come and see Iran's devilish yet brilliant strategy of supreme manipulation.