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Synonyms for devilfish

bottom-living cephalopod having a soft oval body with eight long tentacles

extremely large pelagic tropical ray that feeds on plankton and small fishes

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PATIENCE is the key to striking it rich in poker and Dave 'Devilfish' Ulliot played the waiting game to perfection this week in the latest leg of the Ladbrokes Poker Million tournament.
It's even been called a devilfish because of its frightening appearance.
O'Dea, son of actress Siobhan McKenna, beat off "The Devilfish", England's most feared poker player, in the finals.
called in Nantucket devilfish, for attacking schooners twice
While reading Kitty Smith's story, "Naakw: Devilfish, or Octopus, Helper," I was reminded of the strong cultural connections between the Yukon and Tlingit on the Pacific coast.
David "Devilfish" Ulliot, Simon "Aces" Trumper, Barmy Barry Boatman, and Phil Hellmuth, otherwise known as "The Brat" are just a few of the aggressive personalities.
Gaylord Brewer's poems on Hemingway include "Brief Hemingway Encounter" from his prize-winning collection, Devilfish (1999), in which the speaker reflects on a supposed run-in with the old writer on a bus in Spain.
Gaston looked behind the woman at their hundred-gallon tank--a small one compared with what he'd sold to places like Dale Ray's Delray Bar and Grill, which only held skates and mantas, or what the locals grouped as devilfish. "I been to some kind of motivational-speaker thing I had to go to.
New records and observations on the flapjack devilfish Opistoteuthis californiana Berry.
The tiny, horseshoe island, built with a military fort in mind, now harbours hundreds of sea creatures including leatherjacket, Morwong, blue devilfish and stingarees.
The manta ray, or devilfish, almost twelve feet wide, jumps and per forms other acrobatic maneuvers out of the water, as an abundance of species swim by in schools so densely populated that they form clouds capable of blocking the sun's rays underwater.
Nor could the whalers who plied these lagoons for what they called the devilfish ever have envisioned a time when vacationers would come here just to observe the grays.
The deep holes in central Charlotte Harbor produce lots of sharks, but there are plenty of other sharky areas, too, including the west side of Captiva Rocks, the Bokeelia bar, the Cape Haze bar and the flats around Devilfish Key.
The game instantly gained a mass audience and millions tuned in to see Dave "Devilfish" battle it out with a host of more prosaic characters.