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Synonyms for devil-may-care

Synonyms for devil-may-care

marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness

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Co-star Cole Sprouse has less to work with to flesh out his brooding rebel, whose devil-may-care attitude to his drugs regime is altered through the power of love.
It's a pleasingly daft setup with a devil-may-care execution, but though it resembles a throwaway smartphone game, there's demanding depth as you juggle multiple instruments/ weapons while steering your gunship to exterminate mutant dinosaurs, demonic chickens and, of course, the endless undead.
Gian Carlo Mauricio upended veteran titleholder Masato Fernando in an awe-inspiring display of devil-may-care riding to rule the Underbone Expert Open class in the inaugural leg of the 2018 Petron National Motorcycle Racing Championships at Batangas Racing Circuit recently.
As well as their dedication to their sport and their prowess on the water their devil-may-care attitude has been like a breath of fresh air in an age where some athletes are willing to cheat and destroy their bodies with drugs.
None of them come close to the devil-may-care attitude of Guggenheim.
But it did rather undermine Clarkson and co's carefully choreographed bid to come across as devil-may-care adventurers.
Here, Rennie is an undeveloped character with an undistinguished voice; it is hard to reconcile his devil-may-care actions with the flat tone of the narrative.
The local punks make some of the most eminently listenable and bounce-ready punk rock around, and songs such as "Boom,'' "Self-Made Prison'' and the brief and hyperkinetic "Stab Your Eyes'' crackle with energy and a sort of devil-may-care defiance that makes each song feel like a tasty guilty pleasure.
Brown sugar aside, this project is so impressively researched, extensively referenced, and professionally photographed, we can't help feel some sympathy for the devil-may-care authors, Andy Babiuk and Greg Prevost.
economy, there may be resonance with the devil-may-care destruction wantonly wrought in the movie.
For a sophisticated Parisian touch, find inspiration from classic blazers, Breton tees and ballet flats worn with tousled, devil-may-care tresses and crimson lips for a comfortable yet chic combination.
The Blues will be training for the Champions League, which begins on October 8, and coach Matthew Mott believes the devil-may-care nature of Twenty20 will invigorate an outstanding young player whose career and life have been turned upside down since his all-conquering debut Test series against South Africa earned him just three more innings in England before his sacking, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.
It enables us to feel devil-may-care at little trouble or expense.
It does however beg the question as to whether or not in today's PC world such impromptu, devil-may-care, live entertainment would ever be permitted.
Judging from his work, Los Angeles artist Bob Dob has a sick sense of humor, not to mention a rebellious, devil-may-care attitude.