devil worshiper

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someone who worships devils

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Yazidis, seen by the Islamic State as "devil worshipers", risk being executed by the Sunni militants seeking to establish an Islamic empire and redraw the map of the Middle East.
Fadel made his statements after an Egyptian attorney filed a lawsuit against an organization of heavy metal and rock and roll concerts, saying that they were solely for devil worshipers. The Islamist preacher said he's against the ban, adding that the youth of today are more likely to be corrupted by Haifa in a skimpy dress than Megadeth singing about drug overdoses and suicide.
A therapist specializing in child sexual abuse and trauma, Moffatt tells stories of basement torturers, serial killers, devil worshipers, Nazis, killer doctors and preachers, and others.
And then, yes, there are Devil worshipers, atheists and agnostics.
I was totally like 'No way buddy, smoking weed is for devil worshipers and Nelly.' I showed that guy." Wrote the Indymedia poster, with the handle of "no one in particular," "Come on, we can do more!
Locals in Poleglass, Belfast, are convinced dead animals found near a Mass Rock are the work of devil worshipers.
Robertson has described Islam as "a religion of the slavers," Hindus as "devil worshipers" and Methodists, Presbyterians and Episcopalians as reflecting "the spirit of the Antichrist." In recent years, he's made vicious attacks on Wiccans, liberals, Mormons, gays, feminists and nonbelievers.
Robertson's nasty characterizations of Muslims as "slavers," Hindus as "devil worshipers," Catholics as having an understanding of Communion like "cannibalism," and Presbyterians and Methodists as reflecting the "spirit of the Antichrist" came as a sobering surprise to them.