devil worshiper

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someone who worships devils

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ISIS regards the sect, which originated in Mesopotamia (Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of Syria, Turkey and Iran) more than 4,000 years ago and melds the beliefs of ancient Zoroastrianism, Christianity and Islam, as devil worshipers and apostates.
Fadel made his statements after an Egyptian attorney filed a lawsuit against an organization of heavy metal and rock and roll concerts, saying that they were solely for devil worshipers.
A therapist specializing in child sexual abuse and trauma, Moffatt tells stories of basement torturers, serial killers, devil worshipers, Nazis, killer doctors and preachers, and others.
And then, yes, there are Devil worshipers, atheists and agnostics.
I was totally like 'No way buddy, smoking weed is for devil worshipers and Nelly.
Locals in Poleglass, Belfast, are convinced dead animals found near a Mass Rock are the work of devil worshipers.
They learned the chaparral-covered hills in the Santa Susana Mountain Pass were used by devil worshipers and often littered with sacrificed animals and pentagrams.