devil dog

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Jay Simpson is outstanding as the devil dog, who appears in little more than a codpiece and wagging tail, with enlarged pointed ears and twisted horns.
The final chapter of Devil Dog covers Butler's exposure of a plot against the White House concocted by titans of industry.
CRAZED BEAST Devil dog is secured to railings after attacks
Next to the Beaster Burger and Megadeth Meatloaf is Mom's Tuna Casserole, while only the brave would try Ozzy Osbourne's Devil Dog cocktail - vodka, Irish cream, coffee liqueur and cola.
THE horrified neighbour of a woman killed by a devil dog told last night how he warned council chiefs about the brute a year ago.
Reading your cover story Devil dog victory, (ECHO March 9), I see your latest aim has been to make owners responsible by making it compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped.
Is the acquisition of a devil dog by your spouse grounds for divorce?
But his name did come up in numerous conversations and none of the callers had a devil dog by his or her side or was speaking between slurps of Kestrel Lager.
A FARMER has told of the "total carnage" he witnessed after a devil dog tore its way through his flock of sheep.
League and the Military Order of the Devil Dog in Worcester.
but little Cassie the Yorkshire terrier has been branded a devil dog.
Fyvie, Montrose, Angus AS an owner of a so-called devil dog, I am shocked people still blame the animals, not the owners.
I will say it again - there is no such thing as a devil dog.
Let's hope it balances out, because not everyone on a housing scheme swears at their five-year-old and spends their days doing the shellsuit shuffle with their devil dog and a pocket full of downers.
SCARRED FOR LIFE: Leah, with mum Jane, nearly lost an arm in attack by devil dog, believed to be an American bull mastiff like the one above