devil dog

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Jay Simpson is outstanding as the devil dog, who appears in little more than a codpiece and wagging tail, with enlarged pointed ears and twisted horns.
The final chapter of Devil Dog covers Butler's exposure of a plot against the White House concocted by titans of industry.
WR 6-4 205 STARTING OVER: Former Russellville defensive coordinator Cody McNabb was brought in to rebuild the Devil Dog program.
The devil dog went berserk at a park playground and left 14 children with bite wounds before it was finally subdued after 45 minutes.
DEVIL DOG Patch looks so much like HITLER that everyone calls him Adolf
A TEENAGER has been bailed following a horrific devil dog attack in a Birmingham park.
ANOTHER tiny child is mauled to death by a "devil dog".
The former Devil Dog has seen her minutes increase as Tennessee has moved into Southeastern Conference play.
A DEVIL dog that ripped a family pet to shreds is terrorising a neighbourhood.
Next to the Beaster Burger and Megadeth Meatloaf is Mom's Tuna Casserole, while only the brave would try Ozzy Osbourne's Devil Dog cocktail - vodka, Irish cream, coffee liqueur and cola.
TERROR Broagan McCuaig and Jude Keir both suffered serious injuries after devil dog attacks
THE horrified neighbour of a woman killed by a devil dog told last night how he warned council chiefs about the brute a year ago.
Reading your cover story Devil dog victory, (ECHO March 9), I see your latest aim has been to make owners responsible by making it compulsory for all dogs to be microchipped.
Is the acquisition of a devil dog by your spouse grounds for divorce?