devil's walking stick

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small deciduous clump-forming tree or shrub of eastern United States

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The diversity of plant life here is part of what attracted the homeowner to this site, but he stresses that "if this is any garden spot at all, it's nature's garden." The list of native plants ranges from Southern red oaks and black cherry trees to sassafras and holly, ferns to devil's walking stick. And where nature was interrupted, Poore stepped in to help; he created a pitcher plant bog from a leaky pond created by a "borrow pit" from the old railroad.
on the pliable beam of a devil's walking stick, bending
Aralia spinosa, the Devil's Walking Stick, is another rather strange example, with its tall, spiky, bare stems in winter and its huge 1.5-metre (5ft) pinnate leaves in summer.
Aralia spinosa, the Devil's Walking Stick, is not a plant for the faint-hearted, but to add an architectural punctuation mark to the garden this is a must
Nothing wrong with that, nor with having your name in the record books as the discoverer of the nation's champion yellow poplar or devil's walking stick.