devil's advocate

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someone who takes the worse side just for the sake of argument

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So now that I have you seriously thinking about the "undercover" neurological factors that are stifling innovation in your organisations, can you see why the devil's advocate role is key?
That "dissent," however, was either "authentic"--that is, it was the true opinion of person B--or the result of person B being asked by the experimenter to play devil's advocate. The arguments were identical.
But I do find fault in Glenn Beck speaking for all American's from his personal distaste for World Soccer." That is why, in this music video, Michael draws a chalkboard portrait of devil's advocate Glenn Beck, ("Glenn loves using chalkboards to make his own points," says Michael) in the act of judging World Soccer and hence, he himself being judged.
In view of this, the suggested "devil's advocate" would need qualities including those of a John Humphrys.
Ms Walsh-Smith claimed that Mr Di Stefano - nicknamed the Devil's Advocate after claiming to represent some of the world's most notorious criminals - duped her into investing in a scheme to relaunch the News of the World online.
For more than 500 years, this canonization process has followed a formal procedure in which one person (a postulator) presents the case in favor and another (the promoter of the faith) -- an advocatus diaboli, or devil's advocate -- presents the case against.
Chock full of illustrations, the text follows Sam Clemens from his early days as a "printer's devil" to his Mark Twain days as a "devil's advocate." The work includes summaries of Twain's works, long and short; a filmography; a crossword puzzle based on Twain's colorful quips; a map of Huck and Jim's trip down the Mississippi River; and short takes on long controversies.
Satan) played by Al Pacino announces in The Devil's Advocate, "Millennium's coming, son.
Playing devil's advocate for a moment, there was not a great deal of early in this race and he will not always get away with such a clear error at trap-rise.
The military plays a minor role as he discusses such topics as barbed wire disease, the hangman, the Trojan women, the devil's advocate, and the last man to get away.
Playing devil's advocate to my children's and grandchildren's likely reaction to the articles forced me to re-examine my own seventy-something attitudes and convictions and wonder: Where did either the church or I personally go wrong?
The Ten Faces of Innovation: IDEO's Strategies for Defeating the Devil's Advocate and Driving Creativity Throughout Your Organization, by Thomas Kelley and Jonathan Littman (Currency, 2005).
THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE By Morris West Loyola Press, 430 pages, $12.95
We can only hope that he was playing Devil's Advocate.