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any measurable property of a device measured under closely specified conditions

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This mechanism takes a specific time depending on the device characteristic.
The uncertainty of DCCB virtual sensors is created by two factors: 1) the uncertainty of measurements from sensors and propagation of this uncertainty through the empirical and/or analytic relationships from which the virtual sensor values are determined, and 2) uncertainty in the device characteristic curves.
[X.sub.n] Therefore, uncertainty results from two types of sources: (1) uncertainty associating with generation of the device characteristic curve; (2) uncertainty propagated through the analysis originating from the uncertainty in the measured inputs ([X.sub.1], [X.sub.2].
In addition, device characteristics become sensitive to microscopic structural fluctuations, such as the roughness of the line edge of gate electrodes.
This paper is focused on providing comprehensive review on research findings on reliability challenges and technical solutions to mitigate device characteristics issues that stem from technology scaling of charge storage NVM.
A side-channel attack targets the physical implementation of the cryptographic code instead of the code itself; the method measures changes in device characteristics as the microcontroller performs its calculations and uses the data to draw conclusions about secure information.
A variety of inhaler devices are available for COPD medications, and it is important that devices are matched to patients' needs and preferences based on device characteristics and individual patient capabilities.
During the design process, there is typically a design input/output file that details various device characteristics. An important section of this document, in orthopedics, is the mechanical performance criteria.
To verify the calculation methods of the rotation transmission device characteristics described in [8], to confirm its operability and to determine its characteristics experimentally its prototype was designed.
We performed both negative patterning and positive patterning of the polymer using the PDMS molds consisting of pillar arrays and investigated the EC device characteristics according to solvents, solution concentrations, and pattern types.
The mobility model that we utilized to estimate the device characteristics is the Poole-Frenkel model [40,41] in combination with the Langevin recombination model [42] for our devices.
Common device characteristics to focus on are type of device (mobile vs.
The effective mobility versus the inversion charge density is phenomenally important to forecast the device characteristics in charge (energy) efficient domain.
Renesas proposed for single-ported SRAM, and then adopted, the assist circuit method, which takes advantage of the FinFET device characteristics and, inversely compared to the early method, slightly increases the word line voltage and adjusts the pulse widths used during read and write operations.