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an ideological defector from the party line (especially from orthodox communism)

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Taken together, the fatwas prompted the federal government to ban Arqam on the basis of the organization's allegedly "deviant and deviationist" character.
While CLS built a large body of scholarly work that was heavily freighted with inherited jargon--"fundamental contradiction," "false consciousness," "counter-hegemonic consciousness," "ideological state apparatuses," even "deviationist doctrine"--it needed the adroit elusiveness of its own Jack Flash, a rhetorician with considerable terpsichorean skills.
In many preliterate and historic society members of clans sought "blood revenge" killing in this instance was part of family or clan feuds and very often went unpunished by tribe, village, or community when one group seeks to combat and exterminate another group, the phenomenon is called massacre, and war, the liquidation of deviationist by the rating clique is looked upon as consolidation or defense and goes unpunished as murder, likewise the liquidation of the leaders of the losing side in a rebellion or revolution is also political expending and is not viewed as murder (Rackless, 1971).
The former presidential chief of staff is the bane of ultra-conservatives because of his perceived "deviationist" nationalist and liberal views.
For Al-Qaeda, Assad and the Alawis are a perfect target: Many Sunnis believe Alawis to be a deviationist sect of Islam akin to Shiism that should be suppressed.
For Al Qaeda, Assad and the Alawis are a perfect target: Many Sunnis believe Alawis to be a deviationist sect of Islam akin to Shiism that should be suppressed.
McLeod recognizes specific politics underpinning Lovett's fractured memory and calls Lovett a "left deviationist," code for Troskyist or other forms of anti-Stalinism Marxism.
Whole new categories of "antisocial" crimes were created by the "dictatorship of the proletariat." Under communism, for example, it became a crime punishable by death to be a member of the "bourgeoisie," an "enemy of the people," a "counterrevolutionary," or a "deviationist." Even those who were just skeptical or indifferent to the goals of the regime were labeled saboteurs and subject to imprisonment or worse.
In 1994, Darul Arqam was banned by the government for comprising a deviationist cult.
To our everlasting shame, we issued a pamphlet attacking Ron as an "extremist"--after all, he wasn't buying our "entrist" strategy of infiltrating the Republicans, and so he must be a "deviationist," dragging the movement into perdition.
In January of this year Reporters Without Borders reported that the PRC's Central Propaganda Department had issued new directives requiring all Chinese journalists to go through a new six-month program aimed at stamping out deviationist thought.
For, apart from some anarchists, it was the 'ultra-Left' Bolsheviks around Bogdanov and Lunacharsky who tried to make known the ideas of West European syndicalism to Russian workers and who, in Lenin's eyes, appeared particularly deviationist. (6) This negative attitude changed with the First World War.
Abandoning his own essentially Romantic position of "internal argument" and "deviationist doctrine" outlined in The Critical Legal Studies Movement, Unger develops a more revolutionary approach in What Should Legal Analysis Become, suggesting that law and legal methodologies are an expression of conservative Capitalist vision and claiming that legal discourse is nothing more than a rhetoric of rights and order that stops the people from analyzing society's basic institutional structure (1986, 53ff; 1996).
The Government readily investigated and took proscriptive action against purveyors of radical Islam or "deviationist" Islamic groups.
(39) The Congress adopted the Front's 11-point declaration on the tasks and objectives of the Kampuchean revolution which was about to be re-routed from its deviationist line.