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ideological defection from the party line (especially from orthodox communism)

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'Deviationism,' loosely meaning deviation from party doctrine, is often used to justify the periodic purges of communist party members.
sex unity in the face of the common class enemy, and a repudiation of organized feminism as bourgeois liberal deviationism" (7)).
It is hardly surprising that the more serious cadres are in constant anxiety that "the love problem" is taking precedence over doctrinal discussions of "tailism," "face heroism," and "leftist deviationism." [67]
On the contrary, such deviationism, with the exception of few suicidal desperados bent on wreaking havoc, was and still is fortunately a repugnant cult to the eyes of the overwhelming majority.
For a novel about "deviationism," The Garden of Eden has a lot to say about interpretation.
After all, these dangerous folks were guilty of the serious thought crime of "deviationism": dissenting from the glorious truths of "the people's science," as defined by the Party and Lysenko.
From the Soviet side, in contrast, anything not directly controlled and guided by Stalin and his entourage came under suspicion of "social democratism" or petit-bourgeois deviationism.