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Synonyms for deviation

Synonyms for deviation

Synonyms for deviation

a variation that deviates from the standard or norm

the difference between an observed value and the expected value of a variable or function

the error of a compass due to local magnetic disturbances

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deviate behavior


a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern)

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But if you will look at each stock's historical volatility, ISM emerges three times more volatile than SECB with a standard deviation of 1.16 percent compared to the latter's 0.50 percent.
deviation 3.32) at 1st week (p value <0.0001) and thickness gradually decreases with 76.125 [micro]m (std.
The study population comprised of patients with nasal septal deviation and the control group comprised of 52 volunteers who had no rhinologic complaints and no pathological findings on anterior rhinoscopic and endoscopic nasal examination.
In other words, as my capability study's sample size becomes smaller, the range in which the "true" standard deviation can exist becomes larger.
The results showed that NVC (73%) was as common as septal deviation (80%) and inferior turbinate hypertrophy (77%) in patients with severe/extreme nasal obstruction.
The video also goes on to show exactly what police mean when they refer to 'sudden deviation' on the UAE's roads.
Heterotropia that is the result of an acquired defect to the muscle or nerve supply, whether neurogenic, mechanical or myogenic, will lead to an incomitant deviation; this aspect is beyond the scope of this article, therefore, only concomitant heterotropia will be considered here.
Under section 365-B and 376 of the Penal code, two women nominated in the cases were release after deviation of the witnesses.
However, how to choose the most appropriate policy in a certain service area, especially between route deviation policy and point deviation policy, remains a challenge for transit operators.
If we think we have a fairly tight grouping of values, then standard deviations might lend the right sensitivity to sound the alarm (a good rule of thumb is that if the standard deviation is more than half of the average, the dispersion is high and normal distribution of values is suspect).
Had we been using any other propellant brand, I would have been happy with an average standard deviation below 20 fps.
While these restrictions may not be new, the deviation's broad application and significant consequences mean that contractors should give close scrutiny to ensure all agreements with employees comply with the prohibition.
A z-score is like a standard deviation score but it resets the measure so that the mean is 0, which allows for some easier calculations of later statistics.
Objective: To introduce the combined technique of nasal spine stitching and partial tongue-in-groove for the management of caudal septal deviation and to evaluate the surgical outcome and its efficacy.
The basic concept of hazop study is to take full description of the process and to question every detail of the process with a view to identifying the process deviation if any and its consequences.