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Synonyms for deviation

Synonyms for deviation

Synonyms for deviation

a variation that deviates from the standard or norm

the difference between an observed value and the expected value of a variable or function

the error of a compass due to local magnetic disturbances

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deviate behavior


a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern)

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We suppose that version 2 is the most reasonable as it states that the permitted deviation of setting out makes up to 80% and the permitted deviation of the as-built survey - up to 40% of corresponding permitted deviation from construction works.
The variation of mechanical characteristics during extrusion with different values of deviation is suggestively given in the figure 4 (a, b, c for the brass samples) and figure 5 (a, b, c for the copper samples).
Under CPRC section 376-II, one woman accused was acquitted after witnesses' deviation while another case one nominated woman was acquitted too.
Additionally the caudal deviation often leads to drying, crusting and epistaxis.
The fine for sudden deviation ranges between Dh200 and Dh600, with three to six black points on a driver's licence depending on the type of the offence.
Prism bar cover test--done for near and distance with appropriate refractive error correction appropriate prisms (Base--in/Base--out) The deviation was measured in all the directions of gaze.
The following description of the standard deviation involves 2 mathematical formulas.
Infantile esotropia patients with less than 60 prism diopters (PD) deviation who underwent symmetric and asymmetric surgery and were followed for at least six months postoperatively were included in the study.
Initiation age of RAE, duration of deviation, refractive error, amblyopia, amblyopia treatment, anisometropia, visual acuity, family history, angle of deviation for distance and near at each group and the prognostic factors affecting stereoacuity were analyzed.
Keywords: Chronic rhinosinusitis, Functional endoscopic sinus surgery, Septal deviation, Variation.
Real GDP growth ar historical average minus one standard deviation in 2014-15###20###20###20###19###19###18###16###12
Global Banking News-November 13, 2013--Bank of Italy proposes deviation from Basel III for banks in the country(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
The consultants stated that difficulty with breathing during sleep may be caused by many factors, such as displacement of the nasal septum or deviation of the nasal septum into one of the cavities (Nasal Septum Deviation).
GOP economic consulting firm, Hamilton Place Strategies, conducted the poll and found that Obama's standard deviation for his first term was 6.
After the anthropometric measurements performed on the selected athletes, we calculated, for all the indicators taken into account, the following indicators: arithmetical mean, median, standard deviation, mean deviation, dispersion, amplitude, coefficient of variation.